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Practitioners Certification Archangel Michael League of Angels  

Date: TBA
Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm
Fee: $150.00 Deposit: $10.00
Location:  Ellicott City, MD
You must be registered to take this workshop with Adele
Registration is a Must as this class fills fast and class size is limited
Please dress comfortable and bring a light lunch
Your Reservation is Required - No one shall be admitted without reservation.

During this time of great un-ease, Archangel Michael steps forward to bring you unto his League of Angels. Building with you an Alliance of Angels Light in which he and all those of the Angelic Realms work. Connecting you to your Archangel Michael Shield of Protection.

In stepping forward to declare your allegiance with Archangel Michael he will be guiding you in the steps in which you need to protect yourself and others. The time is here to become one with the light energies of those around us. Learn how to call upon Archangel Michael and receive his Angelic Shield of Protection.

o Who is Archangel Michael
o What is the League of Angels?
o Why is this all happening now
o Learning invocations of prayers to assist you
o Becoming a soldier in the Light- Shields & attunement
o Receiving your Angelic Shield of Protection
o Initiation in the Archangel Michaels League of Angels

Certification as a Practitioner of Archangel Michaels League of Angels
Pre-Requisite: Removing the Veils

Due to the amount of information in this workshop this class size is small. Adele is teaching a very high intense format with information and experiences that is offered to those who have been called to attend.

Adele will be channeling information from Archangel Michael as it is now time for all light workers to be re-united in the army of light. This is your Initiation into Archangel Michaels League of Angels.

Receive Adele’s New Guided Meditation CD with Archangel Michael Initiation into his League of Angels and energy attunement with Archangel Michaels League of Angels Shield.

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League of Angels
Fee: $150.00

Register and pay deposit only
Fee:  $10.00


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