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Devastation within the waters…

Prayers and Love to Ellicott City, Maryland

As many of you may know our beloved Ellicott City Main street was devastated in a flood this past week. We are sending the Angels of Healing and helping hands to everyone. Prayers of healing and blessings to the family members who lost their loved ones, livelihoods and precious .

As we left the tranquil energies of the shops and farmers market we like many others around us did not see the erosions of water that was about to descend on a quaint town as we looked back thru the rearview mirror wishing our time could be expanded. We did not see the rushing river of water as the flood gates were opened to drown out the beauty that restores the soul as you traverse the town with every step you take. The smiles of individuals as you pass by going about their way. A few individuals with only the thought of collecting Pokemon to Go on to the next levels. The sharing of community, the envelopment of understanding life is peaceful and slower here as to take in the views and energies along the way. Walking along like any other day of rain coming in, ducking into the first shop you happen to be around, having a drink and laughing with friends as it passes by, a burst of energy here and there and then a much quicker gust surging all around. At first it seemed as if you could beat it or wait it out watching the rain pour down as you hangout with everyone trying to stay dry. Quicker than anyone could realize the waters were rushing in and sweeping with it everything in its path… dawning in their awareness there was no getting away or around it.

Video after video shows how quickly and swiftly the waters came pouring down Main Street as if it was late to the party and wanted to join in, but this was no friend to anyone, not the shoppers, the bystanders, those who work or live here and those who just wanted to have fun with their family or friends over drinks and food to fill their tummies. This was something that meant business and it was very angry as it took whatever it could with it and it came rushing thru the streets, shops and more. No one had time to think and no one had time to react as it stormed right on in to be heard and seen. People held on for their lives and promises of a long life could not be held up against the tremendous amount of energy surging into their lives. Cries could be heard and voices shouting over the roar of what seemed like a freight train coming through and still the waters rushed on by. Vehicles being washed away like lightweight toys with such little effort to such an enormous amount of energy that we instill within it each day with our hands upon the wheel.

And then action happened, individuals assisting one another, human chains forming to rescue and pull one another up and out together in the warmth of genuine concern and comfort. Humanity at its finest and most revealing. Life took action and was not going to be defeated as these souls hung together to tell their stories to anyone that could hear them. Phones were out and recording a part of history that does not ever need to be repeated as long as we live, and in today’s world should not have to be.

No one should have to live with the unknowing quantities of life with every step we take and still we do so each day. Still we accept the challenge to be here on Mother Earth in all of her glory and destruction. Challenges that we seem to live by without knowingly knowing the outcome every minute we breathe and live. But we still climb out of bed each morning arising to the unknowns to do it all over again.

Ellicott City Main Street is just like any town that welcomes you with open arms to enjoy the bounty and beautify of days gone by in the modern world. From art, history, artifacts, train, clothes, fairies, angels, Restaurants with amazing food and drinks with treasures to be had with every twist and turns of the cobble stones beneath your feet. To spend the day walking and enjoying shopping, the sights, food, people and sounds is a day to refresh your soul and to remember the memories that have always been ready to be found just by you. As Main street Ellicott City is rebuilt we hope you will join in to discover the beauty around you with every step you take.

In the most gentleness of loving memories to those we lost in the Ellicott City Main Street flood that day is a memory within each one of us.

A smile of life and happiness. A surge of independence and the desire to create new life, to begin anew. A depth of strength, passion and grace to their families and friends, children and parents, siblings and cousins we send our deepest sympathies. To the businesses that have been the staple of the community along these avenues that we walk, that we take for granted always being there… we send our blessings, encouragement, support and hope that you know we value and appreciate you, that we will work beside you to support and help you rebuild and recharge your energies that you have always given to us. Locally lives coming together everyday to share our very own uniqueness with each other in gratitude for just another day…

Much Love!


If you would like to donate your time and help out in anyway please check out the link below for all the information to assist you.



Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie


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