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Scrying workshop with Adele Marie

Scrying is the ancient art of second sight into which all can be revealed is you wish to see what lies within and around you.


Scrying with Adele Marie

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019

Time:  10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Location: Millersville, Maryland

Empowerment: $125.00 *($25.00 a nr-deposit required at time of registration).

Includes: All supplies


In this hands on workshop you shall be learning the ancient art of scrying to enhance, elevate and to focus within your minds eye to assist you to the next level. Scrying means to reveal in the deep within to perceive. By scrying you are disconnecting for your conscious mind to enter a mystical plain or crossing into another consciousness. Combining divination within meditation, quieting your inner mind of seeking to to attain insight of worldly activities before you.

This workshop you do not want to miss as you shall create and mediate and have fun learning the ancient art of seeing…we shall be discovering numerous scrying methods to enjoy and learn to use in your day to day journey. Mirror Mirror what shall I see….

Scrying workshop with Adele Marie



Weather permitting we shall be inside and outside for this workshop. If you have an outdoor folding chair please begin with you.

Please dress accordingly and comfortably.

Please bring or wear clothing that shall knowingly be messed up. Ex: a larger shirt or a smock to wear over your clothes, so they do not get messy.

Bring: Note book, light lunch, drink


All Workshop created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®
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