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Spirit Speaks© Gallery Nights

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Spirit Speaks Galleries™

Introducing Saturday Night Platform Galleries with:
Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones® and Guests Mediums

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Find out what everyone is talking about as you experience the electrifying energies coming together in these exciting nights in Maryland.

Join with your friends and family and let’s make a night to remember with this intimate Group Gallery Message Circle. Adele Marie shares with you in this unique experience of receiving messages from your loved ones in spirit, friends, guides, teachers, animal friends and many more in this Live Platform Mediumship delivery to you. Join Adele Marie an guest Mediums as she opens the doors for those in the Spiritual realms to come in to offer you love, peace, guidance, comfort, closure, encouragement and much more.

Spirit Speaks Galleries™ are intimate group gallery session to be up close and personal with

Adele Marie and her Guest Mediums

for approximately 12 guests held in Millersville, MD.

Your loved ones seek her out, waiting to send you a message……………..



November 27, 2021

December 17, 2021

Tickets: $45.00

Time: All Spirit Speaks© Galleries start at 7:00pm Prompt
Location: Millersville, MD.

Reserve your TICKETS now for these winning nights of Spirit Speaks Galleries™
brought to you by Rainbow Butterfly Productions™

*No one shall be admitted without Ticket.*

This is a wonderful opportunity for Adele’s clients who are waiting for their private reading sessions to see and meet Adele’s before their own personal and private experience to have a deeper understanding of the work she does with spirit. This extraordinary night will be one of love, laughter and light™

Spirit Speaks Gallery Nights

Allow Adele Marie and The Angelic Wise Ones® to share with you how she receives her messages from spirit. From the moment she begins you will see and feel her sense of genuine peace in why she is called The Visionary Messenger in her loving down to earth Marian style of communicating to not only those in spirit but to you, the audience members.

This extraordinary night will be one of love, laughter and light™.

As Adele Marie will delver as many messages as she can, not everyone will receive messages from your Loved Ones, spirit guides or Angels as they may come through in what Adele Marie refers to as “heart to heart messages” leaving you with a sense of knowing peace and love that our loved ones have made that connection to all audience members.  As a Visionary Adele sees thru the veils and walks all worlds in a color of the spirit world energy, at the end of evening Adele Marie will be present to answer a few of your questions. And yo will have the chance to meet the Spirit Talk Time Team

*No one shall be admitted without Ticket.* Please print out your PayPal receipt and bring it with you to be admitted into the Gallery Audience. Thank You.

Must be 18 years of age to attend. All minors 16 and above must be accompanied by adult/guardian and said such adult /guardian as all content is kept in the purest of avenues, however some messages may contain a level of language that may not be appropriate for minors to hear. Adele & Guest Mediums will always be mindful of their audience members. All Spirit Speaks Galleries™ are copyrighted audio and video recorded for all Angelic Wise Ones®,  Rainbow Butterfly Productions™, Spirit Talk Time™ to the viewer audience’s world wide. By attending theses Spirit Speaks Galleries™ and public events with The Visionary Messenger Adele Marie, you are authorizing your permission as you may be filmed, photographed, taped or recorded and may appear in all/any media format for promotion and/or publicityAttendance/participation at All Spirit Speaks Galleries™ event(s) does not guarantee you will receive a message or be read. All Rights Reserved Copyright 2020 © Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®  Rainbow Butterfly Productions™, Spirit Talk Time™ holds no liability of any harm to any audience member. You may be asked for your feedback after the show (to be verbal on film or written)to be specifically used by Angelic Wise Ones®, Rainbow Butterfly Productions™ for all intended purposes in production of all said properties with no monetary return due you. Spirit Speaks© Galleries are not be used to replace any medical advice and as always if you are in need of medical advice, assistance and supervision, please visit your health care provider. Copyrights for entertainment purposes only, and production of Televised and Audio Recordings of all and said future writings are the property of Angelic Wise Ones®,  Rainbow Butterfly Productions™, Spirit Talk Time™ and Spirit Speaks Galleries™.

Please Note:  we cannot guarantee that all audience members will receive a message or reading, although Adele will deliver as many messages as Spirit channels her to give.

Our mission is to bring you quality spiritual venue and events that keep you moving and growing in these times of astonishing current spiritual happenings worldwide. With some of the most well known Spirit Speaks Presenters that you may find anywhere else. These Spirit Speakers will uplift you and deliver to you the messages that you are waiting to hear.

 All Rights Reserved Copyright 2020© Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®  Rainbow Butterfly Productions™, Spirit Talk Time™ 

All workshops, classes, events with Adele Marie are originated, created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®

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