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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

As you ask, so shall you receive! 

Every where we go there are so many things on the minds of the human perspective of the world events, I sat down with my counsel of guides and asked them what all of this is about, immediately they wanted to let me know that everything is as it should be with a few exceptions.

A lot of focus is being on the Middle East right now; this is an area of time that has been going on longer than you and I. And it shows how easy it is to get caught up in the physical world of what is being portrayed to the world in a mass exposure. Is this mass exposure for us to be aware of, in the context of fear? Or is it to open our eyes in the work that we are here to do? Let’s look:

The Middle East yes, is going thru a series of events that has gained your attention for that is what is being shown, you need to realize this has been in effect – a very destructive arena for so long, your awareness is being opened up to it from the technology that the world has to offer for you to see it in virtual 3-D. How aware were you to this situation 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, three years ago? To you it seems to have just started, from what you have been lead it to be.

Now fast forward to this time, the weapons of mass destruction are larger and the angle of your view has broadened by the technology you have. Do you believe your fathers had the angle of scope that you had to make this no less than what it is? The technology of what you have at hand is nothing compared to what is to be. This arena of destruction in the Middle East is a stand of the energies that be. DO you believe that this area has the heart of what is really at hand, do you understand the heart, that went into this intention from the beginning of its creation?

To understand this you must understand the reasoning of the land and what the hold of that land is, for is the land of Christ? Is this the calling of light within, that needs that to which it can physically connect to, to then say it has the light within? Does this show then the physical conditionings we have placed on the light that is within each of us, to be a secular nations of individuals to say we are the ones that truly shine, for if this is so, then the light does not truly shine from within, for one needs to truly look within to see the light and then they to will know that the land is not which holds that which they are seeking.

Many believe they do, but where has hatred, fear and control come into play, to take this to a level of compassion and heart that it truly started from? That is not for me to answer, but for me to make you aware of. And to clear your mind from judgments that want to help create to manifest the fear of populations, the populations, who just want to understand what energies, are playing a part here and what is their role in all of it. As we have been talking about in the past, and we have shared before with you to help you understand that which is happening, the energies of the divine are flowing to each of you. These energies of emergence of masculine and feminine energies are to fuse and balance to become one of purity of heart, to lead us to the peace on mother earth as you will know it to be, for that is already in the heart of each of you.

What better way to see the energies at work, as with this arena that has the nations focused upon it ?

When we look at Revelations we see that it says “the old will be at war with the new.“ Now this is a literal way of thinking for most, and you have seen it said before on the mighty nation of America will go up against the old world, that is not what is at play here

This is an internal destruction of a foundation of old energy (the sleeper) wanting to stay as things are and to keep spreading energy of fear, negativity, control, etc… that has been standing to fight its battles against the light that has been spreading over time and is shining brighter and brighter to bring the peace to all lands, nations and hearts. The light that has been spread from the light workers who are vigilant and send their healing to the nations of brothers and sisters. Whom among you have watched over the years as more and more light bearers have traveled to all the nations and prayed, leading groups to bring peace and love to all?

As you ask , so shall you receive!

You have been asking, you are receiving, now this is not the way some envisioned the receiving, but just as with each of you, as you open the door to the light of Source, you have made a choice of free will to bring that light to others, and in doing so you have seen issues come up, things that you have been holding on to that have no place with you any longer and need to be released, cleansed and healed, that my friend, is a huge destructive force of energy that is within you of fear, old beliefs, control, loneliness, that then creates a battle within, makes you re-look at your life, the world around you and who you are, then comes free will of choice to purge this old destructive energy and move more fully to the light.

You have asked to receive the light within, and as you do so you will receive the blessings of the heavens to get you through it. I am not saying this is easy, for it is not. You are going up against that which has been so a part of you since you can remember, but the remembrance is within you to remember who you truly are. So the battle is waged and you are under the biggest onslaught of the times, it is at that moment you ask is this worth it? This is too hard to do, I cannot do this and then that voice that says “why not, you have always taken the easy way out, why not go for it“ as you finally make that choice to purge the last resistance, to take that huge step of Faith and Trust, you open up your arms and say “I can do it“ and then, you have the flowing of divine energy of pure Love go through you that nothing can compare, a cleansing so deep and healing that moves through every cell of your body, a renewing of who you are and where you are connected to in all the Universe. Life is a breathe of fresh air, you open yourself up to take notice in the blessings all around you and you are at peace in your heart – a peace that you truly are familiar with, that which has been unknown for so long, that which is Heaven on Earth!

This to, is what the nations are all about right now, a cleansing and healing so deep that at this time they can see no ending, for there is no end to see only Beginnings, Beginnings of Light across the lands.

So as we send our prayers of peace, love and harmony out to the nations, we are receiving that which we have asked, the Heavens and Universe have heard you and they say “So be it“ and the light within works to be released from all of the hearts across the nations, the battle has been waged, and as you have triumphed in the light , so shall the nations!

Peace to you All, I AM Lord Amin Ru

May we all take the time to do only one thing, and that is to send “Peace of Heart” to all living in the Nations for which we see, feel and hear their words, their calling from their hearts to ours, for you do recognize this, this is what we each have inside of us, the understanding of the peace of who we are and where we are all connected to the Heavens, take a moment and feel the Peace of Heart within you and then send it out to all in the Nations of people across the lands of Mother Earth.