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Being Present with the Angelic Realms Around You

Hello and welcome to the heavenly realms of Angelic Energy. No matter how we live our lives and where we are, in this physical world, we all have that knowing or expectation of Angels among us; spiritually and physically. Every one of us has an angel story that we hold dear to our hearts and love to share with one another. And as we are accelerating in our spiritual journey, we have opened our hearts and lives to the signs and appearances of the loving angels who reside around us.

I have been working with the Angelic realm since I was a little girl of four; actually they have always been “clear as a bell ” for me to see in one way or another. Their spiritual physical presence in my life is as natural as my own physical parents and family. The Angels have taught me different healing modalities for all living creatures of Mother Earth and herself. It is such a part of my life I never put an actual name to it other than “Universal All” for this is what they said I was healing.

Angels do not need a specific name to call them. They love when we hear and feel their energy vibrations, that we associate it as a name, for if that makes us call on them and bring them more closer in our lives, we are then called “Earth Angel’s.”  I work with a group of angels that I call “The Angelic Wise Ones “ who are also connected to my band of Spirit Guides. They have been a part of my life since I was a little girl, and seem to have grown with me as I grow and develop. My angels never tell me what to do or say anything bad, angry, jealous or desperate. They always love and gently guide me in all I do. Of course they offer suggestions, for that is what “guidance” is about, but I always have a choice in everything I do. The “Angelic Wise Ones” have different personalities – just as you and I – and as I go along, one or the other always stands closer, to give me the guidance I need in that particular area. They have always assured me- that each and every living creature on Mother Earth, has a huge group of angels and guides around them waiting for the acknowledgment from their physical loved one (You) to call on them and bring them closer. This is not saying – you do not know what you are doing in this physical life, but isn’t it great to know that you have access to this kind of Love, Help and Guidance anytime you want or need it? That you are not as alone as you think, to have that ear from a loved one who does not judge you? Just take the time to open yourself to the angelic energy around you. Take a moment to stop, take a breath, and feel and listen to the spirit worlds around you, and you will feel the angelic ones who are here to help and guide.

Let’s start with your Guardian Angel; this loved one has been with you from the time you were born and will be with you until you transition back home. This guardian angel is devoted to your highest and best development. Start asking your Guardian Angel to make Him/Her self-known to you, and accept the gifts and signs from them; for they are given to you from all of their love for you. This is a lovely prayer to our Guardian Angel, which I know you have seen before, but is a great one to have again.

Prayer to Your Guardian Angel

Angel of God,
My guardian dear,
To whom His love
Commits me here;
Ever this day (or night)
Be at my side,
To light and guard,
To rule and guide.

I would like to break down some common perceptions and understandings about angels.

Angels are the divine connection from God ( Source, Infinite Divine, Mother, Father ) to each and every living creator and creature on Mother Earth and other planetary universes. As we petition divine intervention in all areas of our lives, our loved ones, family, friends, pets & animals, other countries and our own, that petition is heard by the Divine and then angels for what assistance we need, and it is sent to us. Which is in the form of Angels- God’s right hand assistants to help us in our petitions. It is perfectly fine to petition angels and not God directly for help and assistance. Angels are an extension of God. Angels are never to be worshiped or praised. They spend all of their time praising and worshiping God directly.

Angels are not sent to us to do all of our work or even to tell us what to do.

They see us, hear us, feel our emotions, understand our decisions, guide us to where we need to be or to see a situation in all ways. The angels are also here to love us and embrace us in the light and love of God as well as to guide us to love ourselves and to look at situations through God’s unconditional love. Angels are a direct extension of God, his love and understanding. Angels will never dislike us, argue with us, judge us, tell us or let us feel hate, anger, to ourselves or others when working with them.

And working with them is what we do!

As we send out our prayers and petitions to God and or angels we are essentially saying “Please, I need your help.” We are asking for their assistance in an area, we are not telling them, “dear angels, I need that new job and you need to get it for me now.”

WOW, do you think that request was heard?

You bethcha – but what you do not hear is, “Little one, we are here and love you, and we will assist you in your hour, but, we cannot get that job for you, that you must do yourself; but, we will show you how to make it easier.” When you ask, the angels will help and work with you.

This is very important!

All of your angels & guides are with you 24/7 – they are constantly helping you, sending you things (insights, signs, gifts, understanding, Love, etc…)

When you have yourself closed off with anger, jealousy, judgments, resentments, fears, sadness, un-forgiveness you are closing yourself off from them and God – no one else is doing it – you are.

When you ask for help and intercession – they hear you and are with you. It then is up to you to hear them and work with them.

I wish you all the joy and love from your connection with your Guardian Angel and the Angelic Realm around you, open your hearts, minds and arms and welcome them in, and watch your world become a much better place in which to live !!!

Blessings to all of You,
Adele Marie

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