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Private Classes

2 Hour Class (These are for teaching purposes only and no readings will be given)

Fee: For A two hour Personal and Private Classes with Adele,  please email our offices

Being a Visionary, Author and Metaphysical Teacher, Adele loves to bring knowledge to others through her authority and teachings of the Spiritual Realms. In these amazing two hours of Private Classes, Adele will teach and share with you and your special group of students, family, friends, co-workers, and audience groups any one of the following topics.  You may choose from:

Mediumship Development
Meeting your Guides and Teachers in the Spiritual Realms
Psychometry, Signs and Symbols
Psychic and Mediumship Gifts and Abilities
Raising Our Vibrations
Opening up to Your Guides, Angels and Teachers in the Spiritual Realms
Stepping into your Power of Enlightenment
Energetic energy- increasing hands of energy for readers
Opening Yourself to Higher Energies
Angelic Meditation of Discovery
Spirit Art

NOTE: When you schedule an experience of a Private Class with Adele, she will do a Special Meet & Greet the evening before the class. This Meet & Greet will be Free to all of your registered attendants in your Scheduled Private Class Event. This Free Meet & Greet will allow attendees to enjoy a Q &A Session and Book signing with Adele. This is a remarkable night to add to your Special Event!

Deposit: Upon placing your reservation request for Adele, half of the event fee ( non-refundable deposit) is required within 12 days to hold your appointment. The remainder of this fee will be due upon the close of the Private Class. Please choose which topic you would like Adele to present for your Private Group Class when calling or e-mailing her office. If you need assistance with choosing, we will be delighted to assist you in every way.

If your event is not in the state of Maryland, and therefore requires airline reservations, a rental car, hotel, etc., travel requirements must be pre-arranged.  Please contact Adele’s studio to work out all arrangements. adele@AngelicWiseOnes.com Adele’s office will contact you within two business days.

* If you would like Adele to appear at your event outside the state of Maryland, travel expenses will be added as well (i.e. flight fee or rental car, gas, hotel, etc.). All must be paid for in advance to keep your scheduled date.

Please note that Adele asks that there be No Alcohol served before or during the Event, Thank You.

Events you may schedule with Adele:

ADELE – SPEAKING AT YOUR EVENT with Platform Mediumship
PRIVATE CLASSES – In Depth with Adele

To schedule Adele for speaking engagements, events and workshops in your area, please click into the Schedule Adele in Your Area page. Contact her early to ensure proper notice and to avoid similar dates being taken.

We love our appointment scheduler, which walks you through the whole process of making your appointments with Adele very easy and convenient. We have found over the years this system is an excellent way for you to make your appointment for the times & dates that Ade le has available and that are convenient for you. Just click and the scheduler will walk you through the whole process, if you have any questions please e-mail us. Blessings to YOU !


There is a 72 hour cancelation/rescheduling notice of your Personal and Private Classes with Adele, to not do so forfeits your deposit and rights to reschedule for future events.

Once you make your appointment with Adeleʽs automated appointment scheduler, you will be sent an automatic email reminder a few days in advance of your appointment. We also remind you to write your event/appointment down as your own personal reminder. Please make sure be on time for your event/appointment with Adele and no earlier than five minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Adele will not admit individuals earlier than five minutes as she may have other clients before you. Know that you are aware if you do not show up for your appointment or you do not contact Adeleʼsʼ office that you are running late and you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you will be considered a no show or not to be arriving for your scheduled appointment. This includes calling at the ten minute mark or after the ten minute time limit to say you are late or lost. Adele then has the right to refuse with no refund given to you. Clients who do not show for their appointments will not be refunded their session fees and Adele does not have to reschedule with you. Please be considerate of others as there may be appointments scheduled right after yours.

PLEASE BE AWARE that there may be clients before you. Please do not arrive at Adele’s door more than five minutes ahead of time. Anyone arriving too early will not be admitted until their scheduled time.

If you know that you are going to need to re-schedule your appointment, please let our office know as soon as possible as this opens the energy for others to be allowed to use that time & space. This then brings your own energy into alignment with all you do. You may also log back into the Appointment Scheduler to reschedule or cancel your appointment or just send us an e-mail and we will get back to you.

If you have a minor that you wish to participate in the Private Platform Gallery, Personal Private Readings, Group Sessions, Healing Circles, Spirit Speaks Galleries, Small Group Message Circles, Spiritual Counseling and any event with Adele, please e-mail our office so we may inform you of our Parental Consent Application which is available to you to fill out for your minor to attend said event.


Adele does not audio record for Private Classes.

If you seek to audio/video record these events, please request in writing at the time of scheduling the events with Adele for her permission.
For individual in-person and long distance telephone sessions, are recorded and will be made for your convenience and we will then give you this recorded session on a CD format for your listening pleasure. As everything is given to you on CD format, as Adele does not guarantee recordings on cassette tapes, ( as the energies sometimes are too high in frequency and or this too is another message from Spirit) she does like to provide this service to you and does suggest you also write down any important information you are receiving from the session – if you so choose to do so. Adele does not remember the messages during the time of the session or after. Adele does not keep a copy of your recorded sessions and makes no duplications of your session to keep on file. These are your messages and no one else’s.

Recordings of your sessions on CDʼs, MP3 and or cassette tapes are all copyright protected. You have given permission for the recordings at the time of the session and it is to be used for your own personal journey. Adele provides this gift to you and opens the energies around in using these recordings in any other way, Adele ask that you contact her for publishing rights with her permission.