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Counsel of One Productions

Welcome to the Counsel of One Productions

Many Years ago I wanted to assist others in getting to know their own team of guides, angels and teachers in the Spiritual Realm. I would sit for hours in meditation asking each one, in my own Counsel for their assistance in helping me understand their roles in this lifetime with me. As my guides chuckled in their own response, I was told “It is about time for you to ask these questions to step out in bringing awareness and enlightenment to others.” I knew then that I could never take a back seat any more.

Now, I have been aware of so much from such a young age, but, understanding that I was in a learning school of development at a higher degree, that it was just natural for me to over look what the obvious was, that I needed to understand it from the perspective of someone who did not know anything.

I was told, as we all grow with our connection to our own Counsel, that yes, each of these loving guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms, were doing that which was asked of them from each one of us – before we incarnated here on Mother Earth. In this lifetime, we all have made contracts with each other to grow and develop together for that which we needed to then ascend to the higher level of whom we are in the universal reality of everything.

This was so wonderful to realize that here we are in this lifetime trying to excel and learn what we can and that we are not alone in doing it, that here we have this whole team of individuals in the spiritual realms with us, to assist and guide us to achieve all that we need at each level of the learning phase we are in.

The difficulty is, how do we know who is there to assist us? Well, most individuals read everything they can research from book stores, libraries and the internet, some visit Spiritual camps, some visit Mediums, psychics and Teachers of the light, etc… To find out the information they are seeking. Problem is they are still left in a quandary as to what their guides, angels, and teachers look like, how can they themselves meet them, how do they then open the line of communications etc…

Two years ago I was sitting in one of my classes meditating and walking my students through a guided meditation (one of the meditations that my guides were showing me) at one point in the meditation, my students have an opening to talk to their own guide in that meditation. As they were getting to know their guide that night, my Master Teacher popped in and said“I am going to show you what you will be offering to others in a short while.” And he showed me in a studio sitting behind a microphone; I laughed so hard, and said to him “why in the world would I want to talk into a microphone?” He told me “you will be there, yes but, it will be those of your Counsel who will be speaking to others through you, just as with the meditation you do this night, so too, will these meditations for others be done.”  He then showed me these guided Meditation CDs in production, ones that no one else offers. Guided Meditation CDs, for you to relax comfortably in your own home or spiritual groups to meet your guides, angels and teachers in the Spiritual Realms.  sea love


I was so floored and humbled at the same time, I told him how much I loved him and to let me know when I was to start.

So for all of this time I have kept my own Counsel and worked with everything I was given by spirit to do in my journey here as a Metaphysical Teacher and Visionary Messenger. Bringing guidance and enlightenment to others across the miles, as they too, opened the doors in their own spiritual journey, assisting them with meeting their own guides, angels and teachers in the Spiritual realms.

This has been so amazing and beautiful for me to be a apart of, the support I have received not only from my Counsel in the Spiritual Realms, but from all of my family, friends, students and clients. What a wonderful feeling of Love that we receive on all levels of whom we are and who we have with us here in this lifetime.

I know you will truly love all these Guided Meditation CD’s. They are one of a kind and not offered anywhere else in the universe. I am currently producing twelve guided Meditation CD’s that will take you from one strata of the universe to another. From meeting your guides, angels and teachers to walking into a Healing Crystal Cave to Lemuria and then on to the Akashic Records and more.

Each meditation CD is different from the other in the flowing of energy and vibration that comes through of what you are to experience.

Take the time after using these meditation CDs to work with and get to know your guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms. These are the ones in your own counsel; you will find that they are your very best friends in every way.

NOTE: These Meditation CDs are not be used while driving or operating any type or form of machinery.

It was easy for me to see the order in which these meditation CD’s were to be offered to you. As in all things the two guides who most influence us with their presence when we first start learning who is with us in our own Counsel is; our Joy Guide and Protector Guide. These two you will recognize as you get to meet them through your journey in this first CD- “Counsel of One.”

Let me introduce a little about them now:

Our next journey “Knowing Thy Self as One” of Meditation CDs will be one that I wanted to personally do as I find that most people have learned so many forms of meditation and this meditation is one that teaches not just to meditate but how to raise your vibrations the same way I do as a Visionary and Medium. One that brings your level of vibration higher to work with those in the spiritual realms in a whole new light. And also teaches you how to become more aware of those in the spiritual realms, which energy vibrations are around you and how to identify them wherever you are. Knowing thyself in all ways is what is needed as you open yourself up to more and more different energies around you. These are the exact teaching I do in my classes and I wanted to offer them to you in this unique way.

“Awaken Child of One” is the next level of learning starts, as you go home to Lemuria and Atlantis, this only one of its kind Meditation takes you back to the time of you first knowing as a spiritual being, taking you as you are journeying through the times from the first incarnation of who you are in Lemuria to that of who you then became to be in Atlantis. I was so excited to do this CD as with all of them, this is one that my guides took me on to see who I really was. You know when you have those questions who am I? Well, yes, you do always get what you asked for, and I did, so I say to you what would you do if you knew who you really are? And what would you then do with it? I too had to answer those questions from my guides and teachers and when I answered it I knew I could no longer just sit and be what others wanted me to be, I had to step out and into being ME!

Welcome as we travel along to “Egyptian Hall of Records” there is so much talk on the Akashic Records and what really lies beneath the Sphinx . I have journeyed to the Sphinx many times in this lifetime and ones from the past and I am going to guide you In this Meditation CD as you will be traveling beneath the Sphinx to see all that lie in wait for you to discover, whom you are to meet and then being granted admission into the right of entry of your own Akashic Records. This is an awesome journey and one you will not soon forget.

As I bring you up in your ascension of knowing I introduce to you the “Masters Initiation of Ascension” this Meditation CD will guide you through the Ascended Masters initiation of ascension like nothing you have seen before. As I walk with you through the halls of the Masters, you the initiate will go through a series of acclimation levels to the grand masters arena. Enjoy!

Nothing would be of who I am if I do not introduce you to walking with the Blessed Mother in “Walking with the Blessed Mother.” This lovely gentle guided meditation will bring you to the place where Mother will be waiting to connect you to the pure love and compassion that only she can give to those who are ready to receive. This one will bring you to the completion of what you have always been looking for in this journey of life.

What more can I say, in “Your Journey with Jeshua” is an astonishing journey as I guide you back to the time when you were with Jeshua at the time of his crucifixion. One that you will know who you were in that lifetime and the love he had for you. Simply miraculous as he stands before you and speaks the words to you for you to understand what this journey of crucifixion is all about and you will know when you have completed your journey with him who you truly are from the beginning of time. The most remarkable journey in history.

You know I added this one of your inner child and healing within as an extra piece of what we need to understand about ourselves. In “Balancing the Child Within” The inner child is that of who you truly are, but are afraid to let speak. The one you keep hidden from view for you might be persecuted once again in this lifetime. Learning then the balancing of healing that which is within. Simply lovely and precious for all learning levels, whether you believe you are advanced or know you are just a newbie to everything that is here for you to behold. Beautiful!

Not released as yet.

NOTE: These Meditation CDs are not be used while driving or operating any type or form of machinery.

Each CD is an hour in length, with two thirty minute guided meditations, please be aware they are to be done separately, allowing yourself to have the time in between meeting each of your own guides, angels and teachers, to truly get to know them. These CDs are a door opener to your own connection and relationship with each one. These are not all of your guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms, but just a few of the major ones whom you will get to know and work with on a daily basis. As time goes on I will be introducing you to even more of whom are around you.

I will be channeling more meditation CDs, but as always, I will be presenting some that have never been heard before at my workshops, seminars and events, as these will be ones that are given to me to bless the students with in each one.

The Angelic Wise Ones are preparing the New Development Classes in a DVD format around the end of 2007.

As in all you do, Bless those around you as you open your awareness up from the foundation to your ascension with all the love and guidance from the Spiritual Realms. May you be Blessed this Day!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele