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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Humans are constantly placing veils before their own eyes! 

As always I sit in meditation with my counsel of Angelic Wise Ones and I wanted to place before them, some work that I have been doing with regards to the Hall of Records, the Book of Life, the Akashic Records, it has so many names, but really has only one meaning. As always I am given what I need and then I work on it with myself then I go to my counsel for the final affirmation.

I want to share with you what my Master Teacher – Ascended Master Lord Amin Ru, has shared with me, but has taught me to understand that which I need to learn before I may utilize any of the information that has been given to me. As I placed the puzzles pieces together, I was very excited to discover something that has always been right there in front of our faces that we did not even think to look at in the way he pointed out.

As Lord Amin Ru states: humans are constantly placing veils before their own eyes.

In each thing as you look around I want you to start noticing that which has been under your nose the whole time and that which there is so much out there to be heard and seen. For I sit and watch as you are in the Teacher’s classes being taught that which you need to guide you in your higher learning. I sit and watch and I listen to your questions in these classes and I am here to say Sit back and understand that this has been ordained since the beginning of time when the human race will become aware of their own divinity and connection to all that was before them and all that is still in them. You see you need to understand that which you are, and then understand that which you can be. Are you aware of the existence of your own self in these times that which you look upon with great interest?

The Teacher, she takes you to the realms that exist in you, the realms of those places that you are from, she walks you through all the realms that you have been together before, and still many of you deny your own involvement. Well you can deny this no longer; the times are here in front of you. The outer chambers of Hall of Records have been opened, many years ago, when the first discovery of ancient times was revealed. Many will take credit for this and many do not know what it is they have discovered. Just as many in the world of your scientist do not even understand that the have already discovered that which they seek, the outer chamber has been opened.

The Teacher has told you of great discoveries that were going to be made and she has proven herself correct in these discoveries and you sit here among her in the glory of knowing that you too, have first hand knowledge of the discoveries and still you did not see the door of the outer chamber opened. She sat there and said “this I know to be true- the outer chambers are opened” and do you know why she had given you this knowledge? She gave to each of you, as she knows that there are those among you who have that which it will take to open the second set of doors to the Hall of Records.

Do you not see with every human discovery of an ancient civilization that another door is open? With each discovery you are being given the first glimpses of that knowledge for all that you as humans, keep searching for in vain – The Hall of Records, some may say Akashic Records are true to be. They exist in a time of realm that will be revealed to you in your next step of your evolution.

Look around you this past year and see all of the ancient discoveries that have been made that the Teacher has told you about and know that this is just the tip of the source of what is to come. You will have more than that in the next three years and it will be explosive to see that which is brought back before your eyes. Then think of all the discoveries as humans that have been placed before you. You have more knowledge now than you had before, did you know the language of the discoveries? No, but much of your scientists have worked long and hard and they have gotten closer to the language of discoveries that they now know are waiting for them…They could not have gotten this far if they had not opened the door to the outer chamber of the Records. And each time they make a new discovery they get closer to the next door. There are only three doors. This has been laid out by many among you in your other realms of consciousness. You had a hand in the foundation of the discoveries that were to be made by the physical human. You placed your hand upon the times when the discoveries were to be made. To this I say Welcome as you live those times..

There will be many more discoveries this year, just wait and watch as the Teacher will explain to you that which is coming. And with each new discovery being made, remember that which you sit on this moment in time of discovery is already there for you to open and walk through the doors.

Peace shall come to all of you, you must not let the energy take you in the wrong direction, it can be deceiving can it not? You can get swept away before you realize what is happening. Just take a step back and know you are not alone in being rushed or dis-organized. Patience – Patience. That is this energy finding the last residuals that you so faithfully hold onto, which is then, just an illusion of your own creation. Why not walk into the creation of all that is truly before you? Hold onto the faith of the Creator and the energy will not sweep you away. Remember the ancient discoveries that are happening each new day, and remember your own discovery of your own existence. You have before you that which is created in time and you know that time is of no importance in the realms of knowledge. And so to is that which you hold onto so faithfully as it washes you away. Peace to all things that you may see that which you seek.

Peace to you All, I AM Lord Amin Ru