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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Mother Earth

Greetings to you the Children of Light, I am here with you, as we need to make you aware of a growing concern for many of us. That which is one being given to you that can be hidden in many ways.

I bring you much peace this day as I look around and see the unsettledness of your planet you call Mother Earth, she is a wonderful planet in which you live, is she not? But there has been much damage that has been created over the time and I am asked to bring you clarity to assist and make you aware of the foolishness of darkness that has been growing. I am here to say Sit back and understand that this has been ordained since the beginning of time when the human race will become aware of their own divinity and connection to all that was before them and all that is still in them. You will be given many obstacles along the way for your own growth and enlightenment. This is in which I am here right now to bring you information in which you need to see clearly in front of you with the recent events that have been unfolding on and around your planet.

You see you need to understand that which you are developing and doing as we in the realms see you. When we look around your planet Earth we see the light that is shining out and calling to all of us, we hear you and we are then there beside you before you finish your request. More recently, we have seen and heard the offerings of healing being given to Mother Earth, she is a receiving planet; she will take all that you have to offer. She will refuse no one; she will take what you offer and process that which is given and then re-direct it to where it needs to be. However, you must understand that in which you send. Each week you sit with the Teacher as she brings teachings to you from all of us. She tells you of the energy that is at play and gives you that which you need from all of us to know the difference in what you do with this energy.

There have been many who send out request for healing to your planet and I ask, do you not understand that the planet in which you live can heal thy own self? Do you not think that you would have chosen a planet that can sustain each human existence for this long, which knows what it needs in order to do these things? She is a young one in this solar system in which you have chosen to play out in this lifetime, she was chosen for her resilience to what can become of her in her own growth and ascension. You have then chosen that which she has to offer, to make it habitual for your own self and the learning in which you are to do. Have you not figured that one of the learning stages is for you to see what she is capable of doing for herself?

We stand among you as those humans call to you to send healing to your planet of Mother Earth, in which they are not believing that she is capable of doing so herself. And yes, we see that which the human is trying to help your planet of Mother Earth as we honor you for your giving to her as we have to say, you need to be more accepting of her, your Mother Earth. You need to understand and know she can and will provide for you. Yes, we see the human destruction of the planet and are own hearts cry out at the destruction being caused. We see and feel that which you send to us to assist you with in her healing, let us do that, just that, let us show you in which direction to go. Open yourself in your knowledge of the work you do in the light to use the discernment that you have been taught. Do not be an easy follower when it comes to your young planet, go within and seek the knowledge from us so that we may then assist you in the healing in which you believe needs to be done.

Recently I watched as a huge wave of energy was given to the center of Mother Earth. I could feel the pain as she too felt it, it was a huge wash of emotions so strong, that she then had to rid herself of it and what do you now see, there are angry outburst around your planet as a effect of the energy that was sent into her core. It is not that you should not give to your Mother Earth; it is in the intention in which you send it to her. Seek your own counsel and then I say to you, send out with no human conditions, no psychical attachments which weigh you down, for that will also be given to your Mother Earth for her to be weighed down. Send that which resonates the love you have for your planet Mother Earth. Let me ask then of you, if you were given so much energy from another who was not as pure of energy, would you too not feel the need to be rid of what was given to you?

Do not be quick to accept what others give to you to do. Use what knowledge you have to be aware of where that energy is coming from. Listen as the teacher brings to you the guided wisdom and knowledge of the sages to grow from. We give to her that which you as humankind need to bring this planet to the level of the highest ascension for all.

Listen as I say these words, there is more here at work than what you are opening up to, you are just now getting to know your own powers. We are here with you and stand beside you in all that you do. We will not give you ultimatums; we will not tell you that you need to do one thing or another for us to be there for you. Think of where the message comes before you react, we will not have an earthly condition of attachments to apply to that in which we give to you freely. Let it be known that there are those levels of darkness that are making their stand with you as the puppet, watching in which direction they can truly have you go. They will pull even more strings in the coming months, be aware of all that is around you and with you. Do not be this puppet for the darkness to work through you.

When we work with you, you will always know that we come with love and knowledge for your growth and success. We will never place human conditions upon you, for what needs are there for that?. We love you unconditionally and are here for you. Peace shall come to all of you, you must not let the energy take you in the wrong direction, it can be deceiving can it not? You can get swept away before you realize what is happening. Just take a step back and know you are not alone in being rushed or dis-organized. To give something that is not from the Creator is then only that which comes from the darkness. We are here working with you to see you rise above the limitedness of fear and move into the light of the Creator as you graduate from this planet called Mother Earth.

May you feel the Blessings and Knowledge that I send to you this day,

Peace to All, I AM Lord Amin Ru