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Power in Prayer

Prayer is a beautiful song we sing deep within our soul. A loving song of thought that we send up into the Universe to God. To petition and request, that which we are asking assistance with at that moment of time. Prayer is something that we do on a constant basis each day, with each thought we have.

When we say, ask the Angels for their assistance we are also asking them to be the messengers to God for our petitions to be heard and arranged for the highest and best. In addition, this is so natural to each of us to do, that we do not even remember offering up the petition in the first place. We just know deep within our hearts that we can ask at anytime for assistance on all levels and it is there.

We also know we can go straight to God with our request and petitions and they are heard, each day God receives all that we send. It is how these requests are answered that we wait to see. In each of us, we seek that which will comfort us on many levels. In addition, by taking the time to send these songs of prayers to God we have started the consoling of our souls and our union to God.

As we do this, we are then called Earth Angels, just as with the Angelic Choir of God that is around and among us every moment of time, we too are messengers to God. Moreover, as messengers of God we are given the greatest gift to be that song into the Universe for all living creatures.

Take a moment of time, and give power to the prayer that is your song deep within you and feel the glory of the Universe sing back to you. All is well and in Divine order.

“I know the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is the Love that is felt with each prayer that we send from our hearts up to God.” Adele Marie.

Adele sits in prayer morning and evening and offers prayers to God on your behalf and that of your loved ones, family and friends. To request a prayer in your name please use Adele’s prayer request form.

“I always pray for you,
and I make my requests
with a heart full of joy!” — Php 1:4