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 Enrollment Open- Screenwriter & Film Club

Enrollment Open- Acting & Improv Classes


NEW for 2022


A New Year Walk with the Blessed Mother

 The Real You in 2022

 Beatification is more than Skin Deep

 2022 New You Predictions Party

Aliens Awareness

Matrix Reality Steps


Coming Soon in 2022

Arriving 2022-Is there a Light or Dark side to all of this

NEW -Psychic Gifts Revealed

NEW –  Journey in your Life Contracts 

NEW- If You Knock the Door Shall Open /Coming Soon

NEW –Spirit Art with Adele and You

NEW –Metaphysical Sundays

NEW –Mediumship Development Circles

 NEW – Acting Classes


 Friday Night Meditation 

NEW DATES – Spirit Speaks Gallery Night

NEW DATES –  Smoke Billet Message Circle

Night with the Stars and Adele

Spirit Talk Time™ with Adele

 Angelic Wise Ones Spirit Message Gallery

New Dates – Nights of Channeling with Adele

Smoke Billet Message Circle for Small Groups







Spirit Talk Time™