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Nights of Channeling with Adele

Nights of Channeling with AdeleAdele work pic -3

Mark your calendars! Adele will be offering Channeling nights the 2nd Friday of each month .

Dates: See below

Times: 7:00 pm. ( doors open 6:45 pm -Lock at 7:00 pm Prompt)

(please do not wait in landing prior to 6:45 pm.)

Location: Millersville, MD.

Empowerment: 30.00

Channeling Night’s are an amazing experience if you have never experienced this form of old school Mediumship before… as we get started with a gift of song I go into a deep trance, I step to the side as my guides and the ascended masters come through me to talk to all who are in the audience. My Joy Guide Rainbow Butterfly always opens the night with Hello’s to everyone, and then my Chief RainMaker shares with everyone about what is going on in the world or a story to relate a message in and for your own development journey. This is where occasionally the Ascended Masters like to come in to give to all their own teachings and many time to give a special gift to all whom are here. From time to time Chief RainMaker will allow those in the audience to ask questions for them to receive his guidance and messages.

Adele delivers channeled messages to all of us through her Newsletters and now this is an excellent opportunity for you to be apart of this process and experience. Adele will be opening her doors for you to join her during these times of connection when she works with the Ascended Masters to bring to us their loving and knowledgeable messages.

Nights of Channeling 

This is going to be a time of importance with these very special evenings that you will not want to miss during the months ahead. We are all apart of the Universe in every way as Adele has opened up the doorway to the realms to us and to be apart of the history being made on these special nights. Come and enjoy the channeled messages as you may also receive a message from those who will be with us.

Nights of Channelings with Adele are very special and personal nights to be within the comfort of higher energies with deep trance, so with this – registration is a MUST.



Once payment is made, that is your registration. YOU will be sent the ZOOM link 1 hour before the beginning of the Channeling session.

Nights of Channeling will begin at 7:00 pm prompt EST. You will be given access 15 minutes before Channeling starts at 6:45 pm. EST.

At 7:00 pm. Adele Marie will start the Channeling, NO access once the Channeling begins. Please be prompt and arrive before the start of the Channeling in that 15 minute time frame. Thank you ! 

“Humanity must see what is before their eyes. They must know that we have spoken on numerous occasions what is going to be happening globally around Mother Earth. You are never alone, you are just alone within the confines of humanity. We are with you in whole embodiment, we are walking among you. Awaken to see what is really before you.” Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru & Chief Rainmaker


Nights of Channeling with Adele Marie via ZOOM


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