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A Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru by Adele Marie


Energies of Old are Rising …Welcoming from Home Adele Door Opening 2015

Every day of every week I sit and I talk, I mediate and I connect with my Spirit Guides, my Angelic Wise Ones® Council, Mother Earth and Ascend Master Lord Amin-Ru and I ask question and question about all things whether those questions are about our planet or of the physical, spiritual, ethereal, the Universe and I always get the same thing. Why is it you come, why do you take time from your daily physical life to explore and implore us?

And every time I say “because I am just one of many who care”.

To channel is not something that you get a high from or allow time for your ego to be involved. It is a communion of body, mind, and soul with those before us, with us and behind us. Those individuals who have traveled through their own passages of time and made it thru, those who see us as one of their own to assist us, a guiding passage to learn from their own experiences. Whether that is to be in one piece of mind or that of many volumes of humility and prosperity, they are with us from the very beginning of time.

Now many in our world have said they are from one planet or another and this to me, as I have been shown, holds true. We are all a collective variation of beings that have been brought together from the first moment of memory to sustain the idea and fact of accomplishments of a union yet to be destined. And when you look at us today what have we done or shown that gives us the time to say, we are perfect or we are one?

For with all that has been developing over these last twenty years or more, we have shown not advancement but a retreat of all that encompasses our original state of affairs and truth. For as many speak of being one, there are just as many that do not hold true to that vision. They need to have chaos and destruction to feel whole. And why might you ask? For when we are in pain we need to know we are alive. And in order to feel this, we need that destruction to show us we are within truth of it all, so that we are not alone. So that we are truly alive and not living a parallel existence in which we cannot get out of.

Over the past several months we have seen so much destruction and attack from one end of the spectrum to the next and I sit here with not just pain but confusion of what is really going on. As I said it can be so easy to channel but it is not easy, for you need to remove yourself and your own emotions from all that shall be given to you. And to not rush anything, as many of you ask for these words from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru I understand, as I seek his counsel for so many things and as always he is here with me and takes time to listen and then share his words with all of us. It is just at times what I am given is very heavy and not for everyone, those times I do weigh in after and make my own choice whether to publish or not. For these channelings are to not bring fear, but empowerment to know what is at hand around us in our world,  from their point of view. And as always over the years his words have never failed to come true ….

“Ahhh…. Teacher you have come at the right time, I have kept you a little at bay so you say, as we have been very busy with your little minions of power.

Welcome I am Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru.

Even after all this time have you not discovered for yourself who I am?, Mores the shame, so we shall continue on to that which is most important to you right now.

We have been diligently surrounding all areas of the infected properties in which you have been so wiling lead to believe by what your own authorities give to you.  And do you not see what is at play here? Your humanity as you know it of course, this is of no news to you. But to those of us who are within the realms of the structure that is settling across the shores of no mans land we have been very patient. We have also been very aware of your Planet of Mother Earth’s heartbeat. For she is lumbering longer than what we expected of her. She yawns from time to time but she is about to implode in the most unusual way that our sentient are with her standing by. We listen to her as we respect all of life that lives upon her. Her heart call went out early in your earth years and she is but receiving the callings form home herself. So she knows that there shall be others approaching soon and she makes ready. So as you hear her grumble and feel her trembles beneath your feet, this teacher, is her sighs of longing just as humans have longing within them.

You are not of the only humanoid inhabitants of a living planet, but that is of yet to be seen by your eyes of destruction as that is what wars in your own bosom of humanity, is it not? No, then your beings of your planet of Mother Earth have a very strange way of showing it. The arrogance of what is laid at the table that involves each and every one of you is astounding to say the least. That same arrogance has driven your planet of Mother Earth erroneously at a pace which exceeds your own future events unto which your planet of Mother Earth was and is not ready to evolve into. This alone has caused a wide spread chaos to erupt into the times of old. Remember those Teacher? Remember when we shared with you the energies going back into which it came?

You are seeing this as the exodus is among you as it was not so very long ago in your Earth history. Words written at a time when there needed to be structure  to tighten the reigns of those who would not conform. A sea awash with bodies that have been paced strategically so for your heart hurts to even believe this could happen, but thus it is so. These placements are for the benefit of those who would dare cross the powers that be and live to tell the tale. Ahhh…….but so convenient do you not agree to then tell the tale of that which is imposed upon them?

Your light years of advancement could be so generous for all living beings, to which would bring even more planets faster to your side. This is known in the books which are kept from popular view. Have you never wondered why so many seek that which they cannot find? For it is relevant to understand which is under ones nose do you not think? So it shall be, so it shall stay, but there have been ones who are not of the higher authority with the powers that be, whom have been given glimpses of their existence and that is such a shame when you look at the prevailing dramas as they unfold upon your planet of Mother Earth,. For those doctrines are to not be indiscriminately throw about like fluff for all beings shall fight to the death to seek what is written within the confides. Do you not understand that is why we sit and watch, why we mingle within your realms from time to time. Like Avatars who fade in and then out. As Guardians of Light we are entrusted to the purity and sanctity of the laws of all realms. We walk among you and no one notices for the propaganda that is spewed keeps you distracted as we connect with your powers that be.  Welcoming us as the sentient powers of old and to see their energies waffle as we seek truth is quite humorous at times, let me tell you. There is no loyalty among thieves as they so say, and keep this in mind, for within each is a thief just waiting to expose the thief within for stories of old.

Have you not been warned of events as I have shared with you the destruction of all you hold dear? Have you not been preparing for such times ahead? It is like no other right now upon your planet of Mother Earth, she weeps as she quietly sleeps. Teacher the times are with you as we stand beside you. Just be ready for word should come sooner your departure is eminent. We have everything ready and shall keep close all that you hold dear. There shall not be one left standing that should keep you away from the journey ahead to assist as you have bequeathed Commander.

To those of you that have been anxious in your dealing of your life here upon your planet of Mother Earth, it is to be expected as your energy fields have been raised to vibrationally expand with the coming times shifting energies as you know them to be. The quadrant awaits and shall assist in all levels of your acclimation from within. Your cellular DNA structures are expanding to acquiesce the next level of humanities energy from beyond. They will each feel their own home world calling from within and they will feel secular expand to bring them to their next destination.

This is what is in store for many Teacher, for we have foretold that the energies in which have been given to your planet of Mother Earth are to not be lightly handled until the time your humanity can rise above all acquisition of insatiability. For it is written when selecting your planet of Mother Earth to be the host world that the time would come when all greediness and secular interest were of no longer a consequence. That time would be of enlightenment not one of destruction. Your powers that be of authority are seeking that which they believe is the answer with no clear results of the deed. This energy cannot sustain itself without failures and dehumanization being clearly effective.

So this you see in the exodus that surrounds and awakens older energies that is clearly not understood within the humanities realms. Energies of old being called back to reverse what humankind has created. Doing so has created a vortex of energies that must be annihilated for an outcome of a superior Mother Earth as she awakens or the destruction of her as we have spoken about in previous meetings. Your presence is ever felt amid us as we stand by your leave of absence among us. We shall await further surveillance and intercept that which we can and notify you when the time is at hand. We feel your energies of knowing as we bring you news of home.

We cherish the peaceful at heart as they are that which holds the bounds now upon your planet to Mother Earth. We are at constant healing within them as they seek relief, we are there. We stand with you as we walk among you. We have our mission just as you have yours. We shall forever be grateful for your love as you listen to what is ahead of you upon your planet of Mother Earth. No fear as she rises above all else and as she shall safely hold you close. You shall prevail on all levels for you are exactly where the Teacher says you need to be and she is always correct in her visions of the times at hand.

Keep peace in your heart and form the chain from one to another to hold true with no negation upon your part as you move about your journey. These chains can never betray or be broken unless by will.

To the Teacher I say, Yahweh within guides you”.


I am Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright® 2015-2018 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®