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Counsel of Degree with Adele Marie

The Next Guided Meditation will introduce you to your Doctor Teacher and Master Teacher in “Counsel of Degree” and these two guides have all the degrees they need as you step into meeting them.

counselOfDegree The Counsel of Degree fee is $21.00. The fee to purchase as an MP3 file is $19.97. To order your Counsel of DegreeCD or MP3, please click the button:



NOTE: These Meditations are not be used while driving or operating any type or form of machinery.

Information about the two guides you will be meeting while meditating with the Counsel of Degree MP3:

The Doctor Teacher Guide
The Doctor Guide, also referred to as the physician, MD, medical, psychologist, therapist, is most prominent in a person’s life when they work in a healing professional, such as a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, minister or spiritual healer. But not always limited to these responsibilities, you may at any one time have anywhere from one to four doctor guides or more, depending on what is going on in your life. Many a physical medium have their Doctor Guide as their main guide in their work, also Doctor Guides are not limited to those in the medical profession as many doctor guides do not have a medical degree from in their many incarnated lifetimes, but have the doctor degree for the amount of work that they have achieved in all of their lifetimes to honor them with the title of doctor. Journey along as you are welcomed into the office area of your Doctor Teacher Guide for an overall physical exam.

The Master Teacher Guide
This is a very special guide to me for all the work I have always done. The Master Teacher imparts to us spiritual wisdom and philosophy, frequently that of the Far East appearance. Your Master Teacher may appear as Asian, Hindu, a Buddhist monk, or someone representative of India, I have even had a Moroccan Master Teacher. What a wonderful way to meet, greet and journey to the far off regions of your Master Teacher Guide, than in this lovely guided meditation MP3.

NOTE:  Take the time after using these meditation to work with and get to know your guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms. These are the ones in your own counsel; you will find that they are your very best friends in every way.

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As in all you do, Bless those around you as you open your awareness up from the foundation to your ascension with all the love and guidance from the Spiritual Realms. May you be Blessed this Day!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele