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Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Welcome, welcome to the energy of Defining!

Defining who you are, well, that may seem simple and to some it is. But, who are you really? You, are the one inside, who has been hopping up and down saying “hello, I am in here and I need the chance to breathe and be me, and it is okay to be me”! You are very right! It is okay to step up and be you, that is what you are here for, in case you have forgotten. Defining who you are is the most powerful wonderful feeling of freedom, which you will experience in your whole life at this moment, it is the beginning of who you are and what your mission is here on Mother Earth at this time.

Defining who you are and what your boundaries are can be challenging to anyone who is in the state of fear and needing to search elsewhere for what they need, to be a whole. What is fear ? Fear is the state of being to where you are constantly afraid of what others will say, think or feel about you at any given moment. Which then, is an adherent of what you then believe of yourself to suppress your own abilities. Wow, what power you have given to others, they hold your whole life in their hands to do what they want. Can you see that? Just look at what I have said, “you are constantly afraid of what others will say, think or feel about you”. How many of you, can relate to that? Of course you can, for that is the way you have been programmed to believe from the moment of your incarnation in this physical life. Now, I know some will say, “I was raised much different than that, okay, you were raised in a family structure that positively reinforced love in all directions, for you were never told once you could not do anything, or that you needed to be quiet, or you had to sit and behave yourself while at church, visiting another’s home, in the store or market, etc… And I applaud you for a life rich in love. For you have graduated and need nothing to sustain yourself here at this time, but to keep moving forward and bring that which you have learned in Love, forward to all humans on Mother Earth.

But to you I say, have you learned much? Have you taken the time to really look deep within yourself and your structure, for you would be here and not there at this moment of time. You would be here and guiding others to look at themselves to be a whole in the light that is being offered to them. Go then. Go forward and shine that light to all of humankind .

So I must ask each of you, have you taken a moment of time to give to God? That moment of time to stop, relax and just be as one with-in the Light of God? Humans are so funny, as we watch, we see you using so much energy on what others are doing, how you look at things through angles that are just not there or do not need to be there. You watch the orifice of what others manufacture and spend time just being entertained by nothing. Take the time to entertain yourself in the light! The reality of your own creation is in the ability to use your time wisely to listen to the call of being and then make the choice to be a part of the movement that will change humanity for all. The reality is not watching the creation of others and not seeing the waste it produces – but taking the time, right now to see the reality of your creation into manifestation for the positive in all you do and who you are. If you were given a choice in your own manifestation what would it be? To create Love through the pores of your labor, or to watch others create the waste of another? Go within, take the moments of time to sit and not watch another, but to sit and connect up with the light of your own creation and watch your own reality of light, play its show to the whole of humankind.

Do you not see, that the defining moment when you embrace yourself in the light of God, how, you will be empowered by the light of creation to move yourself and others forward to co-create your structure of living for the betterment of humankind, for this defining will carry you through in the times to come, we welcome you as you step more into your true being, as we embrace you with our love.

Define who you are at this very moment of your human time, for we walk with you in all ways and hold you close and embrace you in our true being of Pure Loving Energy.

In all things I leave you these words and Bless you, Lord Amin-Ru