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Independence of Freedom July 4, 2016

Independence of Freedom July 4, 20161-4th july4


Independence of what allows you to be chained to the thinking processes, to the inability to allow yourself freedom of being you. When we look at who we are we find that little voice inside that says “ I am here” why then, have we allowed this precious important piece of us to be the inner most important piece of the living life puzzle that we have been granted, to then be one shut out of our lives?

To date we have worked hard to find a way to swallow our inner voice, our soul light right to be heard to our physical being.

It’s like spending a day at your favorite amusement park. Under your own steam you walk around the amusement park of your choice absorbing all the sights, sounds, sensations that are displayed just with you in mind. Colors, enjoyments, sounds, rides, delights, shows, stimulating possibilities of never ending joy… Indulging your inner child by tasting all of the forbidden concoctions displayed around you that you would not normally allow yourself the luxury of doing at any other time.

Leisurely walking the pathways taking in the sensations all around you while being bombarded with one sense of encouragement after another, freely giving over to the pleasures that have been created to tantalize your every whim. A well orchestrated cornucopia of sensations arranged just for you… the seeker in life. You have the freedom of choices galore well within your grasp. And what do you choose?

The ride that challenges you and excites you, bringing with it fear that encapsulates you within your whole being…the roller coaster. Transporting you through the inner landscape of anxieties mapped within your conscious being. Embraces you in its sleek beauty and terrifying thirty seconds of thrill seeking adventure that never seems to end or is over as quickly as it began. A place for that moment of time to let go…to allow yourself the escape of not being in control as to place the error of the challenge with someone else to control if it does not work out for you.

Because when the ride is over, did you willingly seek your freedom in those challenges or were you guided to explore the glamour and beauty of the illusion of the challenge?

Everyday we are all challenged in our freedom. Everyday we are being guided to know and understand what that freedom means. Everyday do we take the time to know that freedom came with loss, a loss of someone’s mother, brother, father, wife, sister, husband, aunt, uncle, friends, and family members. Generations of lives and faces stepping up to the ride of their lifetime, some willingly…some with no choice. Irrelevantly to you at the time as to not think about it as it happens, all to give that freedom of voice and choice to you.

Being absorbed in the melee of energies so strong that some never knew what hit them. Given to all of them an entertaining line straight out of the playbook of all that they shall find at the end of their journey. Not realizing until that moment of time the journey ended six feet under. Young and bold, strong of heart and willing to do all that was asked as that little voice inside said “ lets go or shit why me?”. The mind seeking the answer to choices that were laid out long ago, with no choice really at hand but to follow the dictates around them.

Never once did they turn from their task at hand, never once did they think will this be my last…as the mind recognizes the answer within before the thought explodes forth into their conscious as the cry is heard with every last blast…every last breath they breathe as they lie there dying…dying for you and me…

Freedom at what cost? A loss of self as we celebrate a finding of a Nation were we all take for granted the freedom that it brings, until it gives us no choice.

Why abuse then the freedom when you cannot see or understand the loss that brings within it your own choice at hand…As you step up to cry foul play when you do not get your way. For they say entitlement is at hand and they have no choice, but all along we see they do have a choice, as then, why do they have the choice to cry in the first place?

Choices lay before you to discover all of the ups and downs, the twist and turns. Through no ignorance within you do you make those choices. You were born with each choice with every breath you breathe. Everyday you explore all of your opportunities before you and what do you do? Do you allow fear the anxiety to rule, do you embrace the challenge to discover why you have the freedom to be who you are, to say what you say, to live the way you live, to make the choices that you are free to make? Do you give a second of a thought to why you are where you are right now? When was the last time you said Thank you and meant it. For one day as you lay six feet under your soul will recognize all of this and say thank you for the time I had to be free… and I am grateful I recognized it and used it wisely….


May your Holiday be that… a Joyful Holiday of Remembrance of Freedom in all areas of your life ringing loud and clear for you each day in your journey…

With Love in my Heart I say “God Bless America, God Bless You and I AM Grateful !”



Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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