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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie


In this channeled message I was waiting for Lord Amin-Ru to begin, when he started reading my energy and decided to start with his own questions:

Why do you seek that which you believe is foreign to you? I seek that which is in you all the time. I seek the answer from you to assist all of humanity for each soul to then be enlightened in ways that will bring about their own evolution and ascension so that we may have peace here on Mother Earth.

And what shall you do with this peace? I am not for sure what I shall do. Just sit in it and enjoy for once the refreshment of knowing all is at peace and all is right with the world. To know that it can be done, to know that I am being truthful when I say we can have heaven here on earth. To experience and know that yes that which I seek is that which is in truth that is in which we can all have.

What then would happen to all of those individuals who do not want peace? I suppose they shall find themselves in the crux of things, wont they? Very funny – Lord Amin Ru.

Yes, but when one wants to find peace they must also find that which will lighten them to know they can reach for an understanding of knowing that all is okay. This is the way of humans to be in strife each day to take them further away from the truths of peace. For if they had a chance at peace they would become bored with all that it offers, for they still do not understand peace at all.. To be at peace. 

Please my friend, explain then to me peace that humankind does not understand. To do this one would have to take you back through the universe of learning to know what peace is. So we shall begin. Take a moment as I have taught you before and go within to find that inner light that shines within you. Yes, dear one, your sun shines as you call it.

Now begin. Go deep within, travel to that place yes, it is there, seek it know it is yours and go within. Now feel it, truly feel it and find that arena to which it radiates. Feel it radiating within you, become that radiating energy, breathe in and bring it through all of your being. Now just be. Just be in this peace of which you are your inner being. Knowing that right now you too are there with me, you too are there as I AM, yes you are that inner light of peace and just be in this peace as you open your eyes to give to all that is around you. Bask in the light that is radiating from you. This then is the knowledge that you can seek and attain from peace of knowing how to meditate with your inner being of peace. This I have taught you to then give out to others. Now, do you see that when you are in this place of peace how there is no mistake that you are the peace?

We watch as humanity seeks to find that peace in one another and we watch as so many fail to see that there is no peace that you can make one feel. There is only that peace in which you may share with another to then feel that peace that can be had by so many. When one sits with their master teacher, one can then feel the master teachers energy, that energy is one of peace. That energy is one of an enlightened one who has much to give to another. If you take all the words that describe peace what do you get? Calm, quiet, serenity, harmony, silence, and so on, so you see at this moment of time why humankind would be bored, if humankind was bored they in turn would seek something that would no longer bore them. For humankind does not understand peace. Peace is something that one attains to, to know they truly have that which they seek on all levels. Peace is not looking any longer for anything. It is in the knowing that it just is. And it is also for one to say they are comfortable within their own self. Do you see this? When your world of humanity can come to an understanding and just be in the energy of peace, it would have to recognize that it no longer needs what others have, it no longer needs to be what others want to be. For all shall be of equal amounts in everything. There will not need to be that which no longer exist. But then let us look at that which has always been. There has always been wars on your planet of Mother Earth in which humankind seeks peace, and how is this done? It is done through what is known as violence, violence is the exact opposite of peace. Which then some could say this is the polarity which is needed. But I say to you this is not what is needed. There should be no divide in what any of humanity does for the sake of peace. There should be no divisions in ones own counsel of understanding. When humanity on your planet of Mother Earth stops to focus on what each one is doing to be at peace, and not one of greed, then they too shall see that which they seek is only as far away as that which is within them. They in turn will no longer have this need to be everywhere doing everything to everyone. They will see that which they seek no one can give to them, no one can take from them and no one can have more than another. Humanity at its finest is sustaining an energetic level of peace that we find can only last as long as the time it has created. For even as we watch you in the peace of your own, we watch as there are those who want to take from you all that this peace is to you.

When humankind understands that it is living what it has produced the day and time before then humankind can start to piece together what it will need to sustain itself to the next moment of time in their human day. We hear and see so many say live in the moment and this would seem to be an easy accomplishment. But what others do not see that we do see over and over again thru time without end is that it is not easy for humanity to do just that. Live in the moment. For there are those who think they do not have the chance to do so, for they are living what they believe has been given to them previously. And in all of this they cannot take themselves to living the moment of time that is needed.

You need to understand no matter the conflict that is shown to you each day, there is a peace of sort on your planet of Mother Earth right now. Your light workers have created a space of peace that is spreading among one another and at the same time it is not, for there are those among you who say they seek peace, but then their own sense of self comes in and nullifies that peace. Do you understand this? Even among your light workers there is conflict, they place the words on their tongues and then they do not do that as they teach. And this is all about the physical reality in which humankind lives and brings into ones own self. There is no need for this to be greater than another, there is no greater than, as I have taught you before, each being, each living organism on your planet of Mother Earth is the same whole that exist in everything. And if this is the case what then are each one of you greater than? Exactly my point. This I say to you, peace among all light workers is what is needed to be successful in all that is to be done.

Peace is knowing there is nothing greater in which to accomplish as a whole.

Bringing the whole together in what is needed to then have the events of being as one as is the eventual objective you shall want in your humankind frame of mind. Bring all those light workers together in peace of mind and spirit and you shall see humanity at its finest time of peace of truth. For is you can bring those together in a whole, to all be at peace with one another and this is true peace not one of sense of self. For there is no greater trust, no greater love and no greater peace to be had as that of the peacemakers coming together as a whole of humanities voice to give, receive and refresh that which is peace.

This then my child will be one that each one of us watching will see as a sign of living in the moment of peace to all of humankind on your planet of Mother Earth. I leave you with my blessings for peace within your hearts and the acknowledgment that you are one, you are love and you are peace.

I AM -Lord Amin-Ru