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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie


What a most exceptional word for any one human to have. The mind cannot fathom in which direction to go with this one simple word, yet it is to many of you, very complex, is it not ? And so are you, if I may say so and I do. You have many meanings to who you are and you have only found one aspect of those that which makes you a whole. If you could see you, as we all here in our own realm see you, you would sit back and take the time to reflect at that which you are trying to run around and gather from so many places to meet just one of the requirements when all you have is right before you. Stop and take inventory on that which you are.

You are just not someone living the earthly form to procreate that which is a given, you are to procreate that which is your birth right. You are magnificent, your are many things in which to manifest to fruition. Look at your life for one moment in time. Close your eyes and just be, be and try to accept all that is around you and bring that into who you are, now let your breath out and just let it go,, do you feel the emptiness in which is created ? Yes, you feel as if there is emptiness, but there is so much more. There is so much more of you who is there that you have not taken the time to tap into, yes, you have tried, but then comes those thoughts of mind from the ego self in which says that you are being foolish and that you cannot be that which is there, I say to you, BE that which is there and explore the phenomena of who you are. You are not one- but many, many of which you have always been but have been told to not except. By who you say?, well, do not go too far away from your own self as you have had a hand in helping to create that which you have not been, but, in this case it no longer applies. You have been guided in all that you do, and you have a knowing, when will it be time for you to step out in this knowing and get on with living that you have chosen to be? The time is now, yes, we have always said this to you and now is the time to really do, not a time to slow down and sit, why sit when the world is moving faster and faster around you. The Teacher has told you many a times “to be who you are, for you are magnificent”, there might be obstacles along the way, but when you walk in your own authentic self, then the obstacles lessen and go away and you truly stand in your own magnificent phenomena in all you do. And is it not glorious to find that which is there from the beginning?

When you accepted the contract in which brought you to this planet called Earth, you have been many energies, and as you step into this Earth life these energies are still within you, take the time to explore these energies which make you who you are. Why do you think that there are those Masters of the Light who are gravitated towards you as with each one of you? They are there from the many Light energies that you have accumulated in the realms around you, before you accepted this contract to be here on planet Earth. Do you believe that this is the only incarnation that you have had ? My friends you have had many incarnations, so in fact that other humans cannot even fathom the times in which you have been in and out of the different solar systems in which you can only begin to see with the human eyes and human devices to try to reach beyond.

To many of you , you have known for so long that there have been many incarnations and this is true, believe in that which you are for this shall take you farther along in what you seek. Get to know all of this and more.

Create your own phenomena; create that which you are by opening yourself to the magnificent of who you are going to create. Is not God a phenomena? The Teacher also says “that you are divided aspect of God”, Have you ever truly looked at your self in that way ? Do you really realize that which the Teacher is giving to you? Not many have, but in order to do this you must be open to witness the phenomena of whom and what God is. And when you take the time to do this you will see the phenomena of who you truly are.

As I watch those of you in this lifetime on Earth I see where you do not see your own self as exceptional and then I must say why not? You are truly exceptional in the ways of being here on this Planet Earth, it is not the easiest in the planetary evolution of systems and it is the most complex to work with, but you are here and all of us are here to be with you in these times. You are not alone, we are never far away. Take the time to advance with us as we advance with you. Listen, take the time to listen, feel your heart beat with your breath and know we are all one. The Teacher is given much that which she brings to you, she has given her Earth life contract to us, to provide others with that which they are asking for, she has been chosen to be a conduit of Light energy, in which those on planet Earth will learn and grow and ultimately survive, she is not alone in all she does and this she knows, she is many things, she is a phenomena, in which she will take you into the next evolution of your planet Earth, we walk beside her in all she does. She has Faith and she trusts in her human form of whom she is. Do you ?

I leave you with this to discover and to learn. I leave you with my blessing for your Planet to have Peace which is hers and yours, may the coming times be that which opens you to whom you truly are.

I AM -Lord Amin-Ru