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About Adele Marie

Adele Marie is an Internationally known Author, Producer, Visionary Messenger, Spiritual Talk Show Host, Director, Actor, Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant Medium and is the Founder of Angelic Wise Ones® & Spirit Talk Time™, Angels Touring™.

Her Mission Statement:

” I AM a woman on a mission to share the world of Spirit wherever I go…”

As a gifted Visionary Medium, a leading expert in her profession, Adele Marie is an excellent Oracle that can deliver to you messages from your Loved Ones in Spirit as she sees your world thru her eyes displayed in an array of colors, words, images and more.

Adele Marie works with what is known as the sixth sense, working in the Spiritual Realms. As a child of four years of age spirit opened the doors for her to communicate and visually see them walking and talking among us.  She knows you better than you know yourself which brings you clarity and peace of mind in your life.

Not only is Adele Marie known for her excellent messages in Private Readings , Galleries and Group Message Circles, but her clear insight displays itself when she looks at you and delivers it with her authority born out of direct communications from those in Spirit.

Adele’s Marian style of learning is what everyone is talking about in her Development Classes and Workshops. Adele is available for Speaking Engagements and Seminars in your area on topics about Mediumship, Spirituality, Teaching, Lecturing and Book Signings. Adele conducts private workshops, seminars or classes with your group in your local areas Across the Miles.

Published Books:
The Visionary Messenger
Guided Journal

Soon To Be Published:

 Joyful Discoveries in Life

Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Protectiveness in Your Life

Guardian for Life

Master of All Life

Doctors Path of Life

Gatekeeping Life


Recorded Guided Meditation CD’s:                                                       
Walking with The Blessed Mother
Keeper of The Crystal Temple
Counsel of One
Counsel of Birth
Counsel of Degree

Knowing Thy Self

Alliance of Angels Light

Archangel Michael- League of Angels


Angelical Wise One’s provide a loving and peaceful environment when seeking a Private Reading with your Loved Ones, Angels and Spirit Guides,  in Spiritual Counseling, Healing, Development Classes, Workshops and events for children, families and individuals in a group session or one-on-one.

Working with you as you remember you are not alone and your “abilities” and “gifts” which,
are precious and yours by “birth-right!”