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Shape Shifting

Shape shifting is older than you can even imagine and it is not limited to any time constraint of understanding. Shape shifting is an art of being. Being one with all around you, for you are one with everything. Furthermore, it is in that moment of true heart and soul understanding that you become one with Source in all, and with that being, what you want to shape shift into. I used to believe that I had to have that magical power to transform myself into the physical object of my desire, whether it is a bird, a door, a cougar, blade of grass, a tree, etc…  But as a living creature of all, I see where I shape shift each day into the reality of my desire in one form or another. These pages that I present here, are your own doors to shape shift into that which you seek, which your heart and soul desire for your illumination of divine ascension, into the Spiritual Realms. I Bless you as you enter into a true understanding of Shape Shifting.

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