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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Inner Soul Light of Truth

“This I bring to you at this moment in time of your Earth history, the information in which the energetics of energy moves at such an accelerated speed as to keep you in the success of your own evolution. I come to you at a time of great exchange going on among the humanness of your planet of Mother Earth. Even the nature of you planet has been feeling it for many months, it vibrates all through them. A time of energy explosion that is being felt deep within your planet of Mother Earth in such a way that the inhabitants are experiencing a rare change so vast that there is not a singular expression that can be placed upon it.

The month of time which you live right now is gearing up for an exchange of energy that is rumbling deep within you. Can you not feel it? You are sitting among the lull as this energy is manifesting at a rate that is going to be felt by all. Your month of time which is upon you is the beginning of a cleansing so deep that you will find many among you going out of their way to get that which they seek. No matter the harm they place upon another. For they do not realize they are placing harm out among them. It is a time in which your inner soul light needs to be re-ignited. As you look around you, do you not see this? There is much uncertainty with so many humans on your planet of Mother Earth and in your own light communities. As there are many in your earth humanity who do not even realize that they are dimming their own true inner soul light. As you go into your time of coming months ahead you will see an amped energy that will move you along as no other. You will feel as you have none of your earthly time to meet all of which you have planned in your humanly existence. This energy will continue over a period of your earth time in months that is counted by six, at which humanity will see what it is to feel the heaviest of energies. Now I say this to all of you to understand that which approaches you. That which you may know and be above this in all ways to process and learn your true inner soul light on a level beyond that which has been applied until now.

This dimness comes at a time of great conflict among many as each human is seeking their own truth. As they seek their truth they are in conflict with their true inner soul light. This is being felt as a separation of their inner soul light, a separation to be that which is the truth in all ways. This is being felt as the cosmos is aligning and the pull is felt among you in such vastness that it is inconceivable in which direction one will go. And that is where there is division. Each human is feeling this division as there is an increase in the healing which is needed. Each human is feeling this as there is a division in your own communities in which you live. Each human is feeling this as there is a division in your earthly families. As it is you are feeling correct as I have stated before.

I shall explain. As this vibration is being felt among you on your planet of Mother Earth, there is a greater need for this energy to pull out of each human that which is not in truth with their true inner soul. As this is happening, everything that has been placed upon the humanness is struggling against this alignment. Many are becoming aware of their physicality as their humanness is bringing up all that would be forgotten and aligning to the true source. Earth humans are seeking healing in ways they did not before. I say to you as the healer, be healed so you may heal many. We see the healer not healed as they are healing others. This is nothing that can be for gain as the healer needs to be healed of self wounds as they too are going through this alignment. Do not dismiss this energy; do not dismiss the healing that the healer needs at this time. The healer is being re-aligned with this energy as each human is and they too need healing. All of this creates a separation of the inner soul light that is within when the healer does not heal self; this then creates a dimness of light from within. Work with one another to heal the healer, for the healer shall be needed in coming times and those within dimness of light shall then be among the many to be healed once again.

At this time in your human existence you are to be moving forward in this energy that is among you. You are to be reaching out to one another in your battle against the dimness that has approached as many slept. Build your community in the light, not of that which is division. Division is that of the dimness, this is how that darkness works. To dim your light so that the weak cannot be the light that it once was. For then the darkness can divide and separate the weak from the strong. And when you have many who are weak they too become the dark to then seek the light to put out its flame. Build your communities among one another. Find that which resonates within you to be the light that is needed among many. When one comes at you with words that are harmful, be aware this is the dimness that is working to weaken the bond of unity upon your communities. Know this now light worker, and shine your light out to them to be embraced in the One source. There is no more for you to do, for then you are aligning your true inner soul light to be one with them, and this is felt at a deeper level than you know. This is felt at such a depth that you then warm their inner soul light to feel once again.. Embrace them to be among you in that light and there is nothing that can diminish you in your truth of inner soul light. Be strong in your truths.

Al living on your planet of Mother Earth will be feeling this creation of energy in such a way that will seem to pull you down. Many will feel words against them, many will feel the separation among their own inner soul light and dismiss it for the physicality, do not be fooled. This I tell you. Know what this is all about and then move forward to seek that which is within you that is pulling you down. For the next months of your earthly time many will be at odds with one another. So as you move along each of your days existence you are besieged with separation and division in a way that you cannot see until you are hit with a difficulty and do not know what to do. So many are being given what seems like impossible task right now. So many of you are going up against one more continuation of affairs in which you have placed behind you. Did we not tell you that it is no longer feasible to keep in your existence as you have always known it to be? Did we not tell you the energy that is among you will not tolerate it? There is no more time to place all behind you. It is the time to stand in your true inner soul light and walk through all of it, so that it cannot be no more. This then brings your energy level up to that which is upon you right now. Just as now you are being shown a reflection of your own selves in your loved ones around you. You are being shown this a reflection of time with each life that you meet and is in your daily existence. This then is an indication of your earthly times all around. Do you see this? If you are dealing with an area of your Mother Earth family that you are now being asked to take on the responsibility for, then take a moment and see how this applies to you, yourself, your truth. For it is there to show you a mirror of time to look at it, to see it and to then be able to heal with it.

As each of you approach this time in which you live, we have said this before to you, each of you on your planet of Mother Earth is working with the energy of the Soul Star Activation and that activation was about the God-Self. The God-self is about truth. The truths of who you are and who you are allowing yourself to be. As you make your choice in your truths you will feel the releasement of the dim light energy that is not needed. As you do this the light energy will then lift you up to give you a tremendous amount of abundance in all you do. As that abundance flows through you and around you, you will be graced with such joy and happiness. Each of you knows that to laugh is to raise your vibration to the light that shines out to many. As that light then shines out it embraces all those around you. It also shines out to the cosmos in which we are. We see this and take hold of it, to then give to you that which you have placed before us. We give you our support, love and peace. More importantly we give your our blessings and strength to walk with you and among you.

With your elevated vibrations it then gravitates out to embraces all those around you; you then have an abundance of wealth in your life, which no one on your planet of Mother Earth may take from you. Know that with this energy there will be those who want to take that abundance of your inner soul light from you. There will be those who want to try to distinguish your light. The only way another can weaken your light, is if you give it over to them. Your truth is your choice to never let your light go dim. Be the light that shines out to many, be the light of truth. Let no one take from you that which only you can truly give. And when you give, give the light in the only way you know how. BRIGHTLY . Then stand back and laugh and watch how your light then radiates all around you among the world.

There is no separation of light, if you are willing to look at your truths. Be willing to let go of that which you have held onto. Be willing to see yourself bare in this light of truth and then start to place the love within you to be separate no more. As you do this you will find you are abundant in love, that then you give to others. As you give to others in truth the light energy and the cosmos works with you. There shall be no division and separation no more.

We are among you and with you in all ways. As your time ends here this marking in which you give to time, we are walking among you. We are making ourselves known on more ways than you can imagine in your limitedness. You have the opportunity for this energy to work with you in a way that it is asking. I say to you now. This next activation is going to be stronger than any you have felt before. Know your truth and know who you are in all ways. Be your own truth as you acknowledge the truth in others. This is the time of rising that is before you. The time in which you of Mother Earth have asked for and said you are ready for. Do not let the dimness overcome you. For the dimness is here and it is saying you will be weak and not fight it. Stand in your truth and nothing of dimness can touch you and what is yours. Open your arms to those around you and show them why you are a light worker. Show them what true inner soul light and truth is. Be your light and this flow of light energy will embrace you to lift you up above the dimness that is rolling in. Laugh and we shall be there beside you laughing in which the whole of the cosmos supports you.

I leave you with this understanding that all shall come through in the light. Laughter shall raise you up in all you do and to do that which is calling to you. Feel the energetics of truth that you have already placed before you. Know we love you in all ways. I leave you with my blessings of peace and Laughter in your life. I AM one with you!”.

I AM Lord Amin-Ru