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Are You Ready to Breathe??

As the New Year has started to settle in, I wanted to take this time to connect with everyone and see if you are ready to breathe? We have been very fortunate to have such lovely weather these past couple of days, did you have a chance to stop and just breathe in the freshness and wholeness of it all? To breathe in the excitement of this year? How refreshing it is to stand in all of the glory in which spirit works with all of us. To truly appreciate it all. Have you thanked your guides, teachers, angels and loved ones in Spirit this New Year? I know we thank them for all their guidance each time we connect with them, but to actually stop and have a heart to heart with them, to connect into their energy at such a heart & soul level that you are rejuvenated in your work in which you are doing with them. To get to that point, in which some of us have overlooked in our relationship with Spirit, where the soul is laid open and then healed to a new level of awareness and understanding? We work so hard to step through the veils of concealment, not to take the time to breathe and express ourselves with integrity to the ones who are the closest to us on all levels.

After class this morning, I ran an errand, and on my way home I looked up and saw the most interesting thing going on, clouds shifting and changing so rapidly that I was fascinated to understand what was going on, and then they started to get closer and I realized it was groups of birds flying so close and in synchronization of each other that it was amazing. How one second they were there and then not, how the sun was reflecting on them as they orchestrated their beautiful flight of movement. And driving was not the best way to watch, as all of my attention could be focused on them, and I felt such disappointment at losing the opportunity to enjoy this wondrous sight.

I continued on home and miraculously as I pulled into my driveway – right in front of me was the largest group of birds I had not seen in many years. There were thousands of them, my mouth dropped open as I was sitting looking out my open window ( I think, to afraid to move to scare them and then lose this again ) they were swooping, dipping and rolling in such a close knit formation. I finally pulled up my truck and parked it and then went to stand in the middle of my driveway, for I was not going to miss this. I just stood in the mist of thousands of tine little birds as they flew all around the yard, my house and then around me.

The euphoria was like no other I have experienced, and watching them go one way and then the gentlest of movement from one among them and swish the pattern changed flight over and over. Finally they came to rest on the power lines next to my house, in my yard around me and my trees. And the chattering of thousands of birds was so sweet and I could hear their conversations, of who was the swiftest, who had more to learn, how they were going to bring the little one closer to them to keep an eye on, who was short winded, who did not see the tree at the last turn. I started to laugh to myself at what Spirit – yes, Spirit was showing me in this wondrous display.

And then….


It was so breathtaking to see – they would just start to drop and take off in flight and form this humongous cross and then a circle, and they were headed right for me and as I watched, it seemed like a dance of ritual welcoming me and getting my attention to pay attention . To look straight up and around as this swarm of tiny bodies flew over my head and looking into the group of layers in which they flew looking into the mass of the totality of consciousness.

At that moment, I could hear them coming from behind me and as I stood there looking up, they included me in their flight, a rushing of wind and song, a scene so surreal that I felt blessed, blessed to breathe and be a part of the mass consciousness of these little ones. And I gave thanks to all of them and spirit for this wonderful gift , this enlightenment for me to experience and be apart of, that what spirit wanted me to see as a whole.

The mass conscious of humanity is like a beautiful song, a flight into the realms of reality, an awakening – that the heart & soul recognizes and longs to be one with again. How we as a collective mass consciousness of humanity will raise our vibrations up and be among one another to join together and bring everyone forth to experience the reality of the realms in which we are never separate from, but apart of. To truly find what our hearts are searching for – Love .

It is that simple, to recognize this at a heart & soul level will open the doors of consciousness and raise humanity in their ascension as we join with Mother Earth and rise to the creation of Heaven on Earth ! This is our opportunity to be apart of the divine plan and recognize what we have to offer to the totality of that divine plan. The swiftness of time in which all of this is taking place, the changing of realities and energies, so vast, so awesome it will take our breath away, as we become one with it.

This went on this day for an hour, which only seemed like seconds, and then a hush fell over the little birds and high in the sky coming towards them was a beautiful bird in flight, large wing span and gently orchestrating his way towards them. This seemingly delicate bird in a smooth flight was what was quieting the little birds, and I can see why. This bird was a vulture looking to see what all the commotion was about and stretching his wings even more as he glided and hung out, to show who he was, and what he was about. His flight was so smooth and lovely, like a very clever disguise. Then I watched as these little birds showed a strength of numbers, as they would take flight – a small group at a time – of a hundred or so, as if to show this vulture, there were many of them and their numbers meant something that he should take note of. And then, as the first group settled back down another would take off to do the same, almost as if standing up daring this large creature.

This went on for several long minutes and then the vulture slowly, ever so slowly started to turn himself back towards where he came, and as he flew further away, the little birds once again become active with their talk and song as if they were celebrating driving the big bird away. And I had to laugh once again, at the symbolism of all that which just happened, that this too, is something that we need to do more as a whole – as a mass consciousness of humanity when it comes to staying in the light as darkness tries to take from us our life breath, as with all things the polarities stand out in all walks of life. And how as we grow more to the light and truly shine the light, we will always be challenged by the opposite of what we are searching for, or who we truthfully are .

When we are ready to stand up in numbers and be counted for, as the light bearers we are, then the darkness cannot stay no longer, it cannot take the love that is freely given from one heart and given to another in total surrender. Imagine what will happen when we willingly give in mass numbers of consciousness. This is the new coming times that we are walking in, this is the start of the times when we connect and come together in a greater mass of light than ever before.

Are you read to breathe?

In Love, Laughter & Light
Adele Marie

All Rights reserved Copyrighted -2014 ©Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®