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Keeper of the Crystal Temple with Adele Marie

Now, you are set and ready to go onto the next level in your work as I introduce for all those who love their Crystals in “Crystal Temple of the Heart” where I guide you through meeting the Keeper of the Crystal and the Crystal Healing Temple.

keeperOfTheCrystalTemple The Keeper of the Crystal Temple fee is $21.00. The fee to purchase as an MP3 file is $19.97.  To order your Keeper of the Crystal CD or MP3, please click the button:



NOTE: These Meditations are not be used while driving or operating any type or form of machinery.

Information about the two guides you will be meeting while meditating with the Keeper of the Crystal:

Keeper of the Crystal
In the Keeper of the Crystal, this is the most awesome way for you to meet the Keeper inside each crystal you have that is with you, as you journey into the heart of the crystal to meet and see who the keeper is and why you both have chosen each other to work with, what your crystal keeper looks like and so much more to experience. This is a true walking through the elements of the crystal that I love doing this meditation with my students in each new class I start.

Crystal Temple of Healing
On to journeying through the realms and entering the Crystal Temple of Healing where once the Archangel Raphael will be joining you to assist you in the healing that you need as he works with you to remove that which you are still holding onto, to taking your healing to a higher level of cleansing. Giving all to Archangel Raphael and the healing angels of Love.

NOTE:  Take the time after using these meditation to work with and get to know your guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms. These are the ones in your own counsel; you will find that they are your very best friends in every way.

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As in all you do, Bless those around you as you open your awareness up from the foundation to your ascension with all the love and guidance from the Spiritual Realms. May you be Blessed this Day!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele