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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Only Beginnings

“My greetings to you in this arena of life where you have come upon the time of the great beginning. Beginnings only come to those who have acknowledged there must be an ending. So many of you on your planet of Mother Earth have chosen to always live with the thought of endings. For even though you keep hearing there is no ending you live it each day. You live with the knowledge that all things must come to an end. But I ask, why does this come from you who are no ending and only beginning? As the teacher works with you and travels to many of you, I see so many who are working very hard in your own growth. I applaud you . What is more, at the same time I question whether it is in you to be what you are actually doing. Think on this, let it run though you.

Now did it end in your mind the thoughts that you place before everything else? I do not believe it just did, I give this to you for you to see there is no ending, only more of the beginning of that which you run through your mind. In this need, there is only a continuation with the self of limiting physical structures, which you begin to live repeatedly. For then you can see there is no end.

What you live each day is only a beginning, a beginning of a new you each time you wake from your rest, which then again is no rest. Do you not see? For as you believe you are resting you are in truth joining us on a level of understanding that supports you in what and who you are. You are joining the ages of wisdom that seeks to keep giving even though there are those who do not want to receive any more than what they believe they can handle. They place limitations on their physical beings limiting themselves from the wisdom of knowing they are continuing to the beginning of the perception. So even when you believe you are resting your limited physical body, your spiritual being goes to that which is ever rounding of enlightenment to keep working on the beginning of what is to come.

Ah… a year of abundance we said to you once before and this is so. Humanity has a time of delightfulness that is awaiting them. One that each brought to this physical incarnation. You need to see that you have been in this direction before; you have been on your chosen planet of Mother Earth in many levels and incarnations and each time, have you not figured out? That yes, even you have outlined that you will prepare your way so much smoother than the last visit. You have prepared the way by those of whom you have chosen as a physical guide to you. And as with the Teacher, she has chosen to be with me and I her. To work with her, during the times that have come in the form of her calling. She had been approached to be one to bring this to each of you. Yes, you have a contract with her, which is why she chose to be here with you to bring the Enlightenment to you and others. Now if she believed there was an end, do not think she would of chosen to be here, she is a Master of many levels. One for you to seek and discover yourself. However, she knew that what you had set before you was going to be a learning process just not for you. But also for Mother Earth and her lovely children of One. Something so close to her own heart she could not refuse. She knows of no ending , she only knows of beginnings. She begins so many things does she not? She sees where if you place an ending before a beginning then you would not grow to the full power of who you are.

Now you have those who you say we are the ones in spirit. We laugh at this so much, as we thank you for that time for us to lay back and watch the struggle you make for yourself in trying to determine the meanings of whom we are. We are. That is it in its entirety.

However, as we are here with you, many do not know we are and try as they might they come up wanting because once again they feed into and acknowledge the end. We are not an end, we are your beginning. We are you in the beginning of time, there is no difference. We are as you, in our own time. We have had the incarnation and many more of that you too are going through. Moreover, many of us have mastered to be here with you just as I speak now. I am no different from the Teacher, with the exception she is with you in the physical and I am here in my own, which you call spirit. I have learned the ways of the human both male and female and I have mastered the balance that you are seeking. In your own seeking if you acknowledge that which is with you then you to would see the beginning of all and would go forward in your own development to be that which you have been from the beginning.


I leave you with this to discover and to do that which is calling to you. Feel the energetics of abundance that you have already placed before you. Know we love you in all ways. I leave you with my blessings of peace and abundance in your life”.

I AM -Lord Amin-Ru