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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Light of Source – Attraction of Light

The spectrum of color defines who you are in my own realm of being, just as I reflect the light in which I attract, so too do you absorb that light of attraction. When you who says that you are a light worker places that in my own realm of being you are saying that you give full range to that light of source to then attract that reflection back to you. As you do this so we come, we come to that reflection to then assist you in all ways upon your planet of Mother Earth.
Why do you think then, that as you are seeking that attraction of all of us who you call out to, that you can then dismiss the obligation you have to then work with us and that which is being reflected to you to use?

Have you not learned we are all in the same one source with each other? Have you not even fathomed what this could mean as a whole? Have you no idea in which you do call out for? Why are there those in which call out to seek what the believe to be just mere child’s play, for we are one with all that is, we see the games that you play.

This energy that is being attracted to your planet of Mother Earth is not playing a child’s game, it is playing for keeps. You are being called by an energy that is for the whole of consciousness in your planet of Mother Earth to ascend at the given moment in which all planets will be realigned to its origin. You see your planet was the one who chose to stay and be that which is used for the forgiveness and the density in which you needed as humanity to learn what the process was about to then as a collectivity to rise up in the denseness and join once again the union of all that is. This is the ascension process.

To realize as the evolution of all creation to once again be that which it was from the beginning. When you go back and see all that you are seeking in the way of past lives, re-incarnation we watch as each of you go about to re-discover who you are from the past. Why is this more important than to know who you are right here and now? If you look back what does this give you? What does this bring to you right now to then be who you are?

When you seek what is behind you, you miss the point of being. You seek something that will make you whole right now? Can you then take that which is behind you and bring it here in your present?

Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking if I know who I was I can then understand that which I am right now, that which I do the things I do. But this is then thinking in the human mind. This is then saying that which you are right now is of no consequence in your humanness of this life your are living. Go and look behind you, go and find that which you seek, you will see that there is no difference than that which you are now. You will find that all you seek is at the same point in time that you are right now of your own awakening. When the beginning was here those of that time chose to be something they too were not. They gave away that which they were on all levels. This is what you were apart of, this is what you are seeking so much. And as you find that which you were what then will you do? Your own will not recognize you for who you were then. I know as a human reaction you will seek this anyway. It is in the way of the humankind to dismiss the totality of the here and now. If you find that you were part of a great devastation what will you do then? Will you learn by your mistakes or will you dis-miss it for something new that shall come along to you? When you seek that which is behind you remember it may not be as that which you want. So many humans keep seeking something that will make them satisfied with who there are when all they need to recognize is you are who you are right now and you are glorious in our eyes. You are more powerful than you know as you have that which is in this energy right now to bring you closer to the God selfness that you are truly seeking. You are going back in time as that which you programmed and created before. As above so below. This also is true to that which goes around will have to come around again. With this energy that seeks you out in all turns you may make it is also seeking you out to bring you right back to that which you were before. Look at many millennium ago you were so powerful beyond your limitational belief structure right now, You then gave that power to the ego and as you did this you gave that which you crave right now away to the physical. As a human race you needed to live on your planet of Mother Earth in that creation until the time came when the energy of the universe brings upon you the original star systems back together again. And as you have lived it for so long, you have searched for it for so long. And now that it is upon you, you back away by hiding behind that which you can be right now. You hide from the strength and power that rest within you. Now is the time to come back into your own, now is the time for you to place all physical aside from you and be that which you are. Be the power you so crave with no more egos placed upon it. The planets are entering the orbit in which it needs to be the original once more to be in unity on all levels. It is time for you to find your place among the planets and for you to recognize who you are. You do not need the physical to make you more powerful to take that which is already within you.

And at the same time you who dwell in the darkness of doubt, fear and mis-understanding will find that this energy will not support you. You who play with this energy will find that thins energy will come back to you in a way that we do not want to see for you as a human species. So many are bringing the darkness closer to them in their human lives. And this is understandable on many levels but then it is not. You find it much easier to just go along with what others tell you in their own falseness. This is no time to be false in who you are, this is the time to re-align yourselves with the God selfness that resides in you. You will find many among you who will teach you that we are coming on space ships. Why do we need to do this when we are already among you? Yes the Ascended Masters are well and among you, they come form all sides and in no order of importance as they are all one together. We make it very clear in this. When we come to one, we come to all. We will have those among you who will be the voice of the masters but they will not say it is one over the other. Do not believe in this falseness of one who says they are the only one. We are a Council of many among you I may not say this enough for you to understand. But we are One. Your planet of Mother Earth is going through so much cosmically that is it not hard to keep up with all of it? So many will give to you falseness for you to have the fear deep with in you. There is no fear, how many times have I said this to you before? Fear is that which is a humankind creation. We have no fear for we are One with the creation of all, and when you are at that level to understand then we will have words of peace among you and I. For you will know that the peace is for each living being, not just on your planet but on all the planets when they meet and interchange the energy to then propel your planet so fast in the ascension that you will be forever what you know to be a star.

Which brings me to the spectrum of all colors you and I, all colors uniting in the peace that shall prevail no matter how hard the darkness tries to stop it. For this darkness will do many things to make you believe in it. It will do many things for you to become a piece of that darkness. Stay strong, if you believe it is hard to be in this energy right now, think of that which is so easy and what do you find? You find your self back in the darkness of fear. For it is easy to be in fear, it is easy for the human mind to sit back and say it is too much work to be this light that is needed. It is easy to forget that which you came here for and that which you are.

You are the light that shines like the millions of stars above your head as you look towards the night sky. You are the light that shines to alert all the planets that the ascension in which they await is here upon your planet of Mother Earth. There is no stopping this ascension process, there is only an accelerated time in the space that all is and will come to be. Be the light in which the teacher teaches you to be. Be the light in which each heart is joined as one for the peace to be among you on your planet of Mother Earth. The reflection of your light is that which gravitates the union of the universe to your planet, the spectrum in which you are is that with One.

I leave you with the knowledge that you are one as we are one. As we are all one it is easy to see the light which is peace that peace shall always be in each one of you as the Light. One is all – One is all- All is One with Peace.

I am Lord Amin-Ru