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Archangel Michael’s Prayers

Taking the first step to clear, cleanse and create the energies all around you, begin with the welcoming of the energies in your heart with the Angelic Realms of Archangels and Angels. When we stand within our own field of energies, within our own home, and place of creation, we are invoking age old rituals to request and accept the guidance of those we hold deep within our hearts. Seek and you shall be given and heard. Walk within the world of the Angelic Realms and life changes happen in the highest strata of energies to envelop you your whole life through.

With a heart so true do not think you are not heard, do not think you are not given that which you seek!

These Prayers were Channeled to Adele Marie in 2001 from Archangel Michael to give unto the world to know that all who invoke these prayers shall have his personal protection and assistance. To know the Universe supports you!

Please know as you start to use these prayers in the directions given below that things will change within your life and home. The First prayer may be used wherever you are or may travel to: home, vehicles, mall, hospitals, schools, buildings, etc… This will immediately clear your home and / or these areas of all things, which you say to Archangel Michael that you want cleared out of these areas. Archangel Michael will be there immediately!

The following two prayers below this first one may only be used in your own personal home or vehicle. This is very important, as you do not cross the Universal Laws and that of anyone else. For each of us has free will of choice and by you taking it upon yourself to use these prayers from Archangel Michael to do to another without their permission you have then created that which can come back to you. And they will never work; Archangel Michael only works in Integrity and ask that of each of you! You must always have permission before using these prayers in any other individual’s home, vehicle, building or personal space and area.

With the second Prayer: When asking Mother Father God to please send their loving Angels to fill that which Archangel Michael cleared, please note: we are asking Mother Father God for assistance and it is then that the Angels shall be there. For the Angels are God’s messenger is all that is needed.

And to seal in the energies the third final prayer is one with Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy to seal and protect on all ways in all levels within the Universe.

As I said before, you will notice a difference of energies in your home and areas that you ask Archangel Michael assistance for. The negative energies will start to dissipate and the loving energies of Mother Father God will begin to fill your home and vehicle. There will be those who cannot come into your home any longer, these will be ones who like to stop by to give and dump on you all of their negativity, depression, anger, sadness, fear, harm, etc… After you start to use these prayers and do not negate them, those same individuals will either come in and not be able to stay or they will just hang out outside for a little while to talk to you. It is so amazing in what happens, I love Archangel Michael for bringing these prayers to all of us. I have used all of these prayers for all of these years and Archangel Michael, Mother Father Gad and all those in the Universe Realms have never failed me!

To begin, You will need to build the energies and your relationship with Archangel Michael, Mother Father God and the Angels. Please say these prayers at least twice a day for the first two weeks. Then you will be saying these prayers for once a day from then on out and also when you need a pick me up or boost. When I was working in the school systems, I would say these prayers every morning as I entered the school, because the energies changes so much with individuals coming and going in and out of the school as the day progressed along, I would also say them again half way through the day. The energy was amazing all day and there was never any problems. Remember I never said them for another person just myself and the area in which I was working.

Please remember do not negate these prayers for as you do you are telling Archangel Michael, Mother Father God and the holy Angels that you do not believe that they can, do, or are all that to you. Enjoy them and let me know your amazing stories as you too build your relationships with Archangel Michael, Mother Father God and the Angels.

Always start with your prayer of the Circle of Light. When doing so you shall have a circle of the highest energies as you move about your day, night, life and world. I always use the Light of God Prayer from James Dillet Freeman and then move into the channeled prayers from Archangel Michael below:  


Light of God

The Light of God surrounds me

The Love of God enfolds Me

The Power of God protects me 

and the Presence of God watches over me

Wherever I AM God IS

So be it




Archangel Michael Please

Archangel Michael I ask you to please go through my home from top to bottom, inside and out, every nook & cranny, every space and every room.

And Clear all Earth bound negative entities, All negative entities, All Earth bound entities. All negativity, All fear, evil and harm, All depression, anger, sadness, harm, anxieties, jealousy’s etc… (you can say anything here that comes into your mind) And sweep it all up into the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Thank You dear Archangel Michael, Amen


Dear Mother Father God

Dear Mother Father God, please send your loving Angels 100 million strong into my home from top to bottom, inside and out, every nook & cranny, every space and every room that Michael has just cleared.

To fill it with their loving presence as they illuminate your light and radiate your love as they sing your praise and glory. May your Angels work with me in all things for my highest and best. May they protect me, love me, guide me and hear me as they work with me.

Thank you Mother Father God, Amen


Dear Archangel Michael

Dear Archangel Michael, I ask you for your assistance again now please. I ask you Michael to please with your League of Angels, your Band of Mercy to surround my home from top to bottom inside and out as you place your Angelic Warrior Guards at every window, doorway and entryway so that nothing and no-one may enter except those through the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Dear Michael, Amen



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As I give these prayers freely to you, you may use these Channeled prayers from Archangel Michael as long as you give credit where credit is proper and to whom you have received from this website of Adele Marie, The Visionary Messenger.All Rights reserved Copyrighted 2001-2019 ©Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones® You may not copy in anyway to redistribute for monetary gains, book or audio distribution, for website placement for product or merchandise placement without explicit written permission from Adele Marie.adele@angelicwiseones.com.