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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Prosperity in Time

“This I bring to you at this moment in time of your Earth history, the information in which the energetics of energy move at such an accelerated speed as to keep you in the prosperity of your own evolution. Are you not beautiful to all those with whom you meet? Yes, you are. You are more magnificent than you give yourself credit for, so let me do this for you. I shall accept all that is beautiful inside of you. I shall accept it with great dignity. For now, you have given to me all that you are. Do you know what I shall do with it? I shall then be with you at all times to shine that beauty from within my own self. I shall keep shining it before your eyes until the time when you say “I am beautiful in all ways; I shall no longer need that which you shine to me for now I shall shine my own Light to you.” Then I shall say back to you. “Please take from me all that there is, this I give to you who has known that you are beautiful in all ways, go and shine that Light out to others so that they may see the beauty that is within you.”

This is when you have abundance in all ways: your thoughts, your words, your creations, your breath and more. You have told the Universe and all those within whom I live. That you have sought after all that you are in everyway, that you have accomplished that which you need to be abundant in more ways than anyone can understand. You then shall walk in the truth of the Light. You shall know permanently that all things have no control over that which you are. That you are here to be in service to the Light and all that you desire is before you in the kingdom of God’s energy.

May I say Welcome to you my friend and Light.

This year for humankind, this planet of Mother Earth shall be a time of truthfulness in what every human does and goes about in their life. As we work among you, we see so much that others have given up on in this lifetime they have chosen. It is a slow and quiet amnesia that has brought this all about. It is also the time for the amnesia to wear off and where does that leave all those who are awakening? It leaves them with the responsibility to clearly see all before them. All across the lands there are choices being made to those of lesser ranks. The do not see the power in which they hold in their own hands each day, but commit themselves to keep moving forward as a ward to their Nations tribal chief.

This time that moves upon you finds that many decisions are needed to be made by you and humanity as a whole. The Nations across the lands are moving forward in an accelerated speed to accomplish that which they need to hold power over others. The countries will not move forward in becoming a whole unit they quit seeking to be divided.

We watch from the sidelines as the Earth population sits and waits to see what will be activated, we watch as the darkness grows at a proportional rate that is causing this divide. And we ask what is it that all Lightworkers are waiting for? Are they waiting to see the one who will be the second coming? For this cannot be true, for the second coming is among you and has been for a very long time. You are the second coming – you are the wave of humanity that will take it into the next level of evolution. See that which is before you as your given right to succeed. For the Universe has opened this to you to have that which you need to bring the prosperity closer to you to reach out and access on all levels.

The evolution of all spiritual beings is being celebrated at such a high density that it is not common for you to mistake the energy, which is around you. Do you not want to move forward right now even though you believe you do not have what it takes? Yes, yes, this is it. Understand you do have everything, but do you have the faith to know that it is okay to have? There are many among you who have not recognized the importance of what you are really doing. For it is all-important to have right now. However, it is also important for you to understand the undertaking of this energy that you are working with. If you seek, search, and do with what you have right now and you do not have all of the components to move it forward then yes, you will descend in such a way it will take longer to get back at it. So, work with everything, review that which you bring to the table to give to others and when it is time, you are supported in every way to move forward. It will not be much longer that you will have to wait. Look around you; see the activity that is taking place. Know that there are those who are supposed to be moving ahead more than others are, as they are the Gatekeepers the Masters who have incarnated in this time of humanity to move the obstacles out of the way for others to smoothly go ahead in their work. Honor them for they have braved much darkness to get you to the right time of energetics in your humankind history. There are those who are moving forward who do not look upon this work in accountability, they rush and do not care for they need to fill a need that is inside them. They feel the rush of energy and do not want to be left behind, so they move full speed ahead. In other lifetimes, they have come to this point and failed and know they are here to show they can succeed. They do not take the time to know that which is there for them as they rush along. They will confuse you, they will eventually hold you in a standing waiting mode in their own downfall. They too have a contract of fill with you, they are here to bring the confusion so that you may not understand all of which is placed in front of you as you move forward. They are here for you to see that even though time is important to the humankind existence, time is irrelevant to the Universe and when it is time for you to move ahead, fear not for you shall. We are here to bring this to you in this time of evolution and we shall not fail you and all those who call upon us. Do not let fear of others moving faster than you, set you behind that which you are to be.

This time of prosperity shall be for those who move ahead with their thoughts in the Light, which no human can take from them. Be open and conscientious in all you do. Ask us for that which you need to understand, as we are here beside you, do not think that you cannot place that which you seek before us and we shall deny you. Place before us that which your heart seeks and we shall move you in the direction that you are to go. For you have an abundance that waits for you. Be abundant n all your thoughts as you move along during these times and know we are smiling as we are standing beside you for you have found the Key to the evolution of awakening.

I leave you with this to discover and to do that which is calling to you. Feel the energetics that surround you and know we love you in all ways. The time is not much longer. I leave you with my blessings of peace and abundance in your life.

I AM -Lord Amin-Ru