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Your Band of Personal Guides

Let’s take a look at a few of our Band of Personal Spirit Guides…

 have been wanting to write about our spirit guides, teachers and loved ones for a long time, and I wanted to help the individual person to understand what is going on around them as they work with spirit, who is with you, what do they look like, what do they do with us, why are they in our lives? And a host of other questions, I needed to sit down with my team in Spirit and ask, and this is by no means all of what they had to say. We will save part of that for another time. So, I am giving you what I hope is the best information I can give at this time on just a hand full of the most well-known spirit guides and teachers, that you will hear and work with the most. And as in all things, when you decide to be a part of a private reading with your chosen medium, not all guides and teachers will show up for the medium, and not always the same guides and teachers will show up for different mediums. Once you read more about your Gatekeeper you will understand.

In your lifetime you will have many guides and teachers in spirit who will be working with you, Your Guardian Angel and Gatekeeper are the only ones with you from birth, until you make your transition home. All of your other spirit guides and teachers come and work with you, as you are experiencing different levels and experiences of education, which there are wide ranges that you have chosen to go through in this physical incarnation on mother earth.

Spirit guides influence many areas of our lives, personally, professionally and spiritually. Whatever influence the spirit is familiar with or comfortable with, from one of their own incarnations on earth, will be the area of proficiency in which the influence will be felt the most when they work with us.

The same is true with spirits in general; as in our loved ones who have transitioned home, because they all hold on to their personal uniqueness when they make their transition into spirit. If they were shy, loving, scientific, creatively gifted, loud, giving, or hotheaded, they are that same way in spirit. This is not to say that they have not changed, just that, this is what we remember our loved ones being like, when they were here on Earth with us, so this then, is a recognizable personal uniqueness of themselves to us, that we can associate with, when they want to give us a message or let us know when they are around.

Spirit guides and teachers with similar characteristics are drawn to us; frequently they will share the same interest, having similar personality traits, and may have worked in the same profession as we are right now. This is also true for ones in spirit who are not our guides or teachers, but see the similarity of light we share with them and they stop by, so to say and visit with us. I once had a missionary who appeared beside me and then presented himself on a spirit silk I have, which was awesome because, at that moment in time I was working on a mission with abused women and children. The similarities of what we both love to do became apparent to this individual in spirit (by recognizing and being drawn to my light ) and he just wanted to stop in and say hello to see what I was working on. Somewhere within this coming together, there are going to be similarities that you will find between the two of you.

You will find Doctor guides, working with those who work within the healing professions, spiritual healers, doctors, especially nurses. The master teacher seems to come in around highly religious people or the missionary who fights for a worthy cause. We attract to us that which is similar. Some believe they need only seek the ascended masters in all they do, and there is nothing wrong with this. But, I also know that we have made contracts with so many guides and teachers, from the spiritual realms for our incarnation this lifetime, to work with us in our spiritual journey, that it would be a shame not to acknowledge and seek their counsel also. For they have their specific work to do with us in our learning/educational path.

The following is descriptions and guidance associated with working with our guides, teachers and angels, that is meant to be an educational means to work from and not intended to be absolute. The use of titles is for identification purpose only. And by no means is it in any way, descriptions of all of the guides, teachers and angels in spirit who work with us and lend a helping hand. When you visit or accept a message from a medium or directly from Spirit, these are the most common names that will be associated and then will be described to you in the deliverance of your message. So please, use the following information as a guideline to decide between the influences you experience and the area of guidance you receive, as you decide to work with or understand your messages, signs, symbols and gifts from one or more in spirit.
Please take what resonates with you in all things!!!

As in all things, the more we work to get to know our guides and teachers, the more you will recognize their energy, we have some guides and teachers that will be with us for a long period of time and some that will not. You have had and will have many guides and teachers in this physical lifetime here on Mother Earth as you travel on your spiritual journey.

It is not the most important thing to have names from your guides, teachers and angels as long as you recognize them, work with them and ask for their assistance and guidance in all that you need. They are just waiting to have you acknowledge them and they lovingly send their support willingly.

The Gatekeeper

The first guide in the band is called Gatekeeper, or Doorkeeper.

This particular spirit guide/teacher, is with you from birth until you make your transition home, just as your guardian angel does, but, please do not confuse the two. This spirit is your overall protector, and looks out for your best interest and holds you close so no harm may come to you. Very often when you see a gatekeeper guide around someone, the guide will stand behind or in front of that person, wearing a voluminous cape, with lots of enveloping folds. Which then, this guide will wrap the cape around the individual, which automatically signals a feeling of protection and identifies the guide as a gatekeeper. You will also find the Gatekeeper will have characteristics similar to your own. The Gatekeeper is the one who gives his consent or non-consent to the visiting clients – guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit, to communicate in a reading with the medium.

The Doctor Guide

The Doctor Guide, also referred to as the physician, is most prominent in a person’s life when they work as a healing professional, such as a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, or spiritual healer.

The average person may not find their physician guide to be as prominent as those people who work within the healing profession. But guiding assistance is still available to you when questions of health arise. Each of us has the ability to “feel” an area of our body that needs attention. Through meditation we can communicate with our doctor guide in order to receive information regarding what may be wrong with our body, what course of action to take when we develop a condition, and which physical doctor we need to see for the condition. The information you receive can vary from starting to exercise, to changing your diet, seek spiritual counseling, visiting an herbalist or seeking out a medical doctor.

The Chemist

Physical Phenomena was quite popular from the 1850 through the 1920’s as a means to prove the continuity of life and the ability to communicate with the spirit world. It was the chemist guide who adjusted the medium’s body to accommodate the physically exhausting channeling of spirit entities that were necessary to perform such phenomena as materialization of spirits and floating trumpets. Ectoplasm is necessary to produce the phenomena, and the chemist is the spirit who made the adjustment within the medium to produce it.

Our body chemistry has changed so much due to the medicines prescribed for us; I hear a lot of talk about how our bodies are not conducive as they once were for the channeling of spirit phenomena. The chemically preserved foods we eat, and the quality of our environment, as well as our own conditioning from outside influences has affected our abilities. Does this mean that no one has a Chemist Guide in his or her band? No! We all have chemist guides; they just work with us in other ways as we look at our medicines, food, the way we choose to live and health related issues in out lives. The more you make yourself aware of what is going on in your body and you make the choice to live in a clean & clear body, the more active your Chemist Guide becomes as he sees the work you are doing to preserve yourself in wanting to work with him. Anyone at anytime can start to develop their relationship with their Chemist Guide by changing the way your live and eat, and then meditating to open up the channel of communication. I recommend to my students to sit for at least two to four hours a day, if they are serious and want to work with their chemist.

The Teacher

One of the ways a Teacher Guide works with us, is to aid an individual in responding appropriately to their karmic challenges.  This guide is also present during experiences meant to bring growth to an individual. The Teacher Guide can be of the most assistance when we are experiencing situations that appear to be unfair. If we meditate on the circumstances that brought about the situation that we feel is unjust, we may discover that we are experiencing a karmic balancing. In other words, we are experiencing the same thing we inflicted upon another individual previously. If we judged someone harshly, we are being judged. If we were involved in dishonest business practices, we might find ourselves on the other end of the stick, so to speak. What goes around comes around. These are valuable learning experiences, events given to us to advance our spiritual growth.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher may, also be referred to as the Doctor Guide. Most individuals will tell people the Philosopher’s purpose is to bring guidance in material matters, such as managing a business, selling your home, buying stock, organizing a budget and balancing your checkbook.  This guide’s strongest influence can be readily seen in those individuals, who are logical, grounded people. I like to also refer to the Philosopher Guide as the one who works with the individuals who do public speaking, especially when fighting for a cause that benefits the children, animals, abuse in the world, and spiritual teachers.

The Philosopher works on a mental level and is instrumental in helping us understand our karmic lessons also. This spirit works hand-in-hand with the teacher guide to assist us in acquiring the attitudes and philosophies that are intended to lead us to our highest personal development. Through meditation, we are able to receive information from the Philosopher.

While walking through the isle in a bookstore, it isn’t unheard of – for the Philosopher to call attention to a particular book, which has fallen to the floor, and when you pick it up you find it to be just what you were looking for to help you in your higher development. Spirits choose such interesting ways to impress us with ideas, as they gives us signs and symbols as gifts that we find along our journey to enlightenment.

The Native/Protector


The American Indian seems to be the guide everyone is most familiar with and expects to receive when in a consultation with a medium. The country a person is born in, is their native country, and that is the nationality of their Native/Protector Guide. Since the American Indian is the true native of the United States, it is the Native American Indian that appears most often. This native guide is the one most referred to as the Protector Guide.

The North American Indians had a profound knowledge of what some people would call paranormal forces. They honor Mother Earth, Father Spirit, the four seasons, the four directions, and the four elements of the Earth. When they make their transition to the spirit side of life, they carry these qualities with them. From spirit, they are the native ruler of nature, and I find those who work with herbs have very strong influences from their Protector/Native Guide Many people feel the presence of their Protector/Native Guide sitting next to them in a car when they travel, and some tell stories about accidents being averted due to their Indian guides. Your Protector Guide is usually the first one to make a strong presence with you, as you are more comfortable with their protective nature spirit. My Protector Guide never leaves my side and always looks out for my best interest in my work, and when I lay down to go to sleep at night, I ask him to be at my side and watch over me as I sleep and dream, that no harm comes to me.

The Joy Guide

Children are impish and mischievous as a rule. The Joy Guide most often appears as a child, a small fairy like child and/or young maidenly adolescent.  They can display behavior that would be described as mischievous. Your Joy Guide is the one who is responsible for bringing out the lighter side of our personalities.  When things become missing, your Joy Guide is there to let you know to lighten it up   Even though your Joy Guide appears to be childish in many ways, be respectful to them, for your Joy Guide is highly intelligent in all ways as with all of your guides. When mirth and merriment manifest within a group of people unexpectedly for no particular reason, it is frequently the presence of someone’s Joy Guide causing the frivolity and trying to get your attention. We could all certainly benefit from less stress by viewing some matters with a sense of humor.

Call upon your Joy Guide when your daily life becomes overwhelming, and you need to laugh out loud.  Your Joy Guide will show you the humor in the situation. This Joy Guide is sometimes referred to as a medium’s “message bearer “and to help control the spirit crowd of an individual who is seeking a reading or channeling. Your Joy Guide my sometimes call you “Mommy” as she is of that child like energy, and wanting to make you happy and joyful.

The Master Teacher

This is a very special guide to me for all the work I have always done. The Master Teacher imparts to us spiritual wisdom and philosophy, frequently that of the Far East. They may appear as Asian, Hindu, a Buddhist monk, or someone representative of India. For a person studying a spiritual path, this guide is of great importance, and one that is either overlooked or one that someone will become fixated with as their one and only guide. And there are individuals who think if you do not know your Master Teacher then you don’t know your guides. Well, I am here to say that simply is not true.  We work with and know our guides when we need to and as we work more and more with them we get to know them better. As you work in some capacity within the spiritual or metaphysical world, the guidance you receive from the Master Teacher will help you to acquire a more spiritual perception of life in general. People who are associated with a mission for humanity and animals, social activists or other humane causes certainly are strongly influenced by their Master Teachers in all they do.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are highly evolved beings who have fulfilled their karma through many incarnations on the earth plane and have continued to evolve on the spirit side to become the enlightened beings that they are. Most see these Ascended Masters as high vibratory energy of light, and others see them as they would appear in the physical world from their many incarnations. They lovingly assist all of us spiritually, whether we are a spirit embodied within the human form or a spirit who has made the transition to the other side of life. All of us may call upon any of the universal Ascended Masters when we feel the need for their services. And as with our guides and teachers, each Ascended Master has their area in which they work with us. Some examples of Ascended Masters would be St. Germain – manifestation, Jesus- love, Kwan Yin- compassion, El Moray, Buddha, Serapis Bey and The Blessed Mother. As in all things, one can cultivate a relationship with the Universal Ascended Masters through prayers, meditations and petitions of assistance. When the Ascended Masters are around, you will feel their love, peace and comforting presence all around you.

Guardian Angels

Are Guardian Angels the same as a Spirit Guide or Teacher Guide? Well, Guardian Angels and Angels are spiritual beings who are very present in our lives and in a class all by themselves. What makes them angelic is that they have never incarnated on Mother Earth, unlike our Spirit Guides and teachers. Their affiliation is with the elemental kingdom, such as; nature spirits, gnomes, fairies, sylphs, water sprites, etc. The nature kingdom lives in a universal realm, parallel to ours, and they evolve in their realm, as we do in ours. Our personal Guardian Angel is with us from birth until we make our transition home, as is our Gatekeeper – once again not to be confused with each other. Our Guardian Angel has never had a physical incarnation, while our Gatekeeper, guides and teachers have had many a lifetime in physical form. We are truly blessed to have so many in Spirit to support us in our time here on Mother Earth, and I honor them all!!!

I hope you have gained some insight into the Spiritual Realms of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be – and that part of, if not all of this information has helped you in your travels with Spirit. As before, take what resonates with you, this list is by no means meant as absolute.

Sit down and take a moment to gently quite your mind with some even deep breathes, let go of the day, say a small prayer to surround you in the light of the Holy Spirit and invite in all those loving guides, teachers and angels from the light to be with you. Ask them to share with you for your highest good and just relax and watch what comes to you in the form of pictures, thoughts, impressions, smells, a knowing, sensing, and feelings. When you are done with your relaxing time with all of them, please give thanks for their being with you and invite them to join you in all you do.

Welcome to the spiritual realms, may you be blessed forever!!!
Adele Marie

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