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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

Channeling to Federation of Light- High Council of Light

I come to you as I have been asked by the teacher to bring an understanding for all of this talk about the October 14th visualizations of a Starship the size and magnitude that would be catastrophic for the humans on your planet of Mother Earth.

Too many of humankind are placing fear and falseness around the World right now, I need to ask why is this allowed when there are light workers who recognize fear and know it does not continue living? Your world of humanity is screaming from greed and fear and there are too many of the human race who are lending that false energy to add more fear upon the whole of it and why? Do you not see, this is how the darkness works? If the darkness can spread that fear among one being to the next being, then you have a circle of fear among all beings. Do you not see the fear then acts as if it is light? For only Light is the true circle of Oneness with ALL.

Why then as Light workers are you willing to put up with this? There is no need to, when you know what it is like to shine your light among many. When you become the light there is no way to diminish the light that resides within you, unless you make that conscious choice to do so. To be reassuring to those among you as you speak your truth, your planet shall come to no harm with all whom walk among you. Do you believe the Masters would allow such things to be done?

When you have made a circle of light from all light workers around your planet of Mother Earth, nothing can penetrate it. There is no need for fear when fear does not exist, when you know your own true self as we know this of you, then know this— there is nothing that can put your light out, but your own true self.

Now I keep hearing everything being said about this visitation from ones whom you call the Federation of Light. My brothers and sisters of light have no reason to be among you in the way it is being given, for they are already among you. The High Counsel of Light in which I sit with the Federation of Light is the same, is concerned in all areas of being. For they know how this came about and they say to you now:

“Do not let ones whom give to you in falseness take from you the light which is in you. Do not give the energy to those whom need you more than you need in what they say to you. Do you hear this, in all things there comes a time for truth, we do not come to you in this way of your own truth but we come to you each day through those among you as truth to touch in you in ways that need touching- through your heart. We cannot make visible that which is wanted by those who intend to place fear among you.

You are on your planet of Mother Earth rising and growing in your own Ascension, during this time there will be many more that come to you to tell you they know the way, they have a great thing they can give to you to make you believe. But what is it you truly believe? Do you believe that which you must always see with your physical eyes? Is it not enough to know it in your heart? We are One with you, why then would we choose such a dramatic way to get your attention to place fear within you, when we know the time will come to give you with your physical eyes wide open that which we say we are on all levels to you. This is your own ascension of your planet Mother Earth and every living being to go through. Do you not see that when things on your planet go bad there are those who work out of fear and ego to get you to notice what they want you to believe? Do you not understand that when your planet of Mother Earth arises to the level of ascension we will be made visible on all levels and that there will be no fear, there will be many many among you that will be the ones whom open this door to you and you will be at such a level of ascension that no one will question to know the truth…it will just be???

When the ascension is among you, you will experience many levels of belief and dis-belief, ask yourself when you are attaining the ownership of self, what is it that you are fighting within? What is it that you then go and seek attention that others will notice you more so than ever before? Acceptance is one of those human qualities that we all find amusing. You have everything you need to be accepted by all beings, on all levels and yet when you do not accept they self, you run screaming to the fear that feels so nice as this is the safe haven you have created to go back to. You then run around blaming others for those things that you have created not seeing what you have actually created. Do you know why? Acceptance. Think back to your own self when was the last time you accepted yourself… now when did you accept another. Which one is better to you….. acceptance of self or acceptance of others? You see the Masters accept self in all they do, this is where the acceptance of truth lies and why they are the Masters, you too, are a Master of your own cosmos of creation. Accept that you are this and then create that which is within you for the ascension processes of energy that all shall be experiencing on your planet of Mother Earth.

When we intercept the doings of humankind then this is a grave matter which is not taken lightly. There is no reason for the Counsel of Light to intercede when this is the evolution of your planet and all souls upon her. Which has not been created to give harm to the universal collection of planets, the High Counsel is very careful to not overstep the governing Laws of the Universe to intercede in the way that is being given to your planet of Mother Earth right now.

We understand what your planet of Mother Earth is going through as all planets have made their own ascension in many the same ways. It is for us to be here for you to be not of you. Do you understand this? We are not to intervene in this way as it then will create a cosmic expulsion to the proportioned of your own massive humankind errors. It is not time for us to be among you in the way it is being given out to you, it is not the time for us to bring our own among you in this way. Be gentle to yourself. The energies that you are feeling is one that is beyond the limit of humankind understanding so much so that we see the spread of fear among you, we do feel your emotions of pain and eagerness to have something to finally be able to place the responsibility upon that which then, is not acceptance of responsibility on the human part. The coming times will bring much to you on all levels so please be One as a collective consciousness in your thinking with all that is going on. Love will be there for each of you, do not lend fear a helping hand willingly.

There shall come a time of great quiet that shall spread across the lands of your planet Mother Earth in the next days as you enter out of the reversal and into the forward of planetary energies. This is brought about by knowing you are in the reversal right now and the portals in which are opening are bringing times of changes to many more than realized before. As this reversal ends the quiet of the Universe shall be among you, when there seems to be no words spoken, when you will feel as the energy has stopped moving. Just when you will recognize this, the energy will be among you with such a great rush of force that it will knock you back, we say to you get up and get moving, this is the time the Universe has held still for you to get moving. It is like when one human is running against another human and both are waiting for the whistle to be blown in the race and one runner is suspended in time and cannot move. This we are doing to the darkness, we are holding it back for you to quickly move like never before. Move quickly in your decision to be the light that assist others in your world of evolution for the time is coming when there shall be no more wondering – just being. Will you be among the being?? I think that you will, when this time comes you will be given an upgrade of energy that is propelling you to the next evolutionary level of your ascension, will you be among us then? We shall be there among you assisting you in all ways to be among this energy that will not hold back any longer. We say to you , there comes the time when you shall not ask questions any longer for there shall be no questions to ask, you will not have the audacity to ask for there is no need, there just is. After this lull of energy that we shall hold back for you to enter into the next evolutionary ascension level we will be right there with you… to see us for who we are. The happenings of Mother Earth are at a level that no one has remembered before, it is like waiting for the birth of a child, that is how we see all of this and you are going through the birthing tunnel to be born in to the unknowing which is all knowing. We welcome you as you are entering the times of home, you are entering the awareness level of your ascension and as you do, you will be given by many much falseness for they do not want you to successfully enter this stage of evolution, for if you do they will be the ones lost.

We have told you before of the falseness coming from others of your humankind, why did you not believe? Why do you see only what you want to see? To this we say what is it you want to believe? Think on this, as this will lead you to the next step of levels that is needed for you to rise with your planet of Mother Earth to the next level. The Golden Age is among you and this is what you believe, that we are going to bring something of this magnitude to your planet of Mother Earth with no preparedness? Even though we may say that many are prepared this is true, but are they truly prepared and to what do they expect? For then what fear is it you place among your fellow humans and is this not what you have always done before to one another?

We leave you as One, we leave you as the Counsel of Light that many know to be. We leave you peace to be the difference that your Planet of Mother Earth so needs at this time. Love one another and be at Peace.”

These things that is given to you is given to you in knowledge that you are One with all the Universe and the Light. It is my honor to the teacher to give this to you this day, for she is a light that knows no fear and she gives to you the peace and love that guides so many of the Masters to all of you, on your planet of Mother Earth. Take care of your Mother Earth and she will always provide for you in the most amazing ways.

I leave you with this to discover and to learn. You have before you that which is created in human time and you know that time is of no importance in the realms of knowledge in the high Counsel of Light. I leave you with my blessing for your Planet of Mother Earth to have Peace which is hers and yours, may the coming times be that which opens you to the truth that you are.

I am Lord Amin-Ru