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Angelic Prayer Cards

Over the years Adele has had many prayers channeled to her by Archangel Michael and the Angelic Realms. Adele has shared these prayers with her students in her classes and workshops and now she has created a deck of twelve prayer cards just for you. We all know that to bring prayer into your life is to bring love, laughter & Light. These are very powerful prayers that have been given to Adele over the years and when used as she gives them to you, your life will change in a such a beautiful way. You will always be protected and your connection with the Divine will shine all through you.

Adele students were in class and sharing their own copies of her prayers, saying they loved them and would like to see them made into an easier format to work with. Adele agreed and the rest is history.

Thru the years Adele has gone thru a very public Domestic Violence Divorce. Due to her name change, she is working to redesign her Prayer Cards to reflect the new energy that is among us all and her freedom. Her New Prayers cards will be available in 2015. Thank you for your patience and much Love to All.

Prayers included in Deck:

Affirmation – Knowing Thy Self

Cleansing and Clearing with Archangel Michael

Ascent of Angels – Mother Father God

Protection- Archangel Michael Please

Bumper of Light- Driving Protection

Surrounding Light- Driving Prayer

Adele’s Version – Hail Mary

Adele’s Version – Our Father

James Dillet Freeman – Light of God

Walk with Loving Angels- Shining Light

Dear Mother Father God – Open my Heart

Peace – Peace be to All

A set of twelve prayers cards and instruction booklet comes beautifully gifted in an organza bag for your easy comfort in taking them with you wherever you go. Angelic Prayer Cards yours for only 15.00 USD plus shipping & handling.

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