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Channeled Messages from Nights of Channeling with Adele

Nights of Channeling with Adele Marie are one of the few nights were you can come and be a part of the excitement – to be included in something that is not done by many Visionary Mediums. As Adele goes in to a deep Trance you are greeted by her amusing Joy guide “Rainbow Butterfly” who opens the floor to welcome everyone to give that little taste of what you are in for as the night gets started. Adele’s guides Chief Rainmaker, Lord Amin-Ru, Dr. Acker and Dr. Dolittle along with various Ascended Masters including The Blessed Mother and Saint Therese – known as the Little Flower come through.

The Channelings are astonishing as her guides and the Ascended Masters deliver to the listening audience, teachings on the energy and happenings that are going on or will be going on in the World. You can feel their presence as the voices come through Adele and as you watch her in the mostly dark room, (lit only by two or three candles) you can see Adele’s image fade away as those in spirit come front and center to show themselves through her to talk to the members of the audience. The illuminated energy around Adele is a soft golden glow and you can experience the twinkling of lights dancing all around as the presence of spirit is manifested to be with and around Adele.

As the guides and Ascended Master step away Adele’s “Chief Rainmaker” steps in once again, this guide entertains you with his charming and funny humor as he allows those in the audience to ask him any questions they may have which brought them to visit with him on any given channeling night. And the “Chief” as Adele calls him, does just that as he goes straight to the heart of the matter, sometimes giving you your answer straight forward or giving you an analogy for you to understand exactly what he is saying.

Adele’s Nights of Channeling are a must that you do not want to miss as the room is packed. Make your reservations early, as seating is limited.  You may make your reservation for the next channeling night here.

For those Across the Miles you may to listen to the channeled messages from the previous Nights of Channeling with Adele Marie by clicking on the links below – the channeled messages are in MP3 format.  When you click on the link a new window will open asking you if you wish to open the file or save it.  We recommend you save the file to your computer so you may listen to it at your convenience.  Be sure to make note of where you save the file.



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