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Creating Peace Within

Wow what a month that has been. Can you feel it? Can you feel the differences all around you? Can you feel it within your own body? Can you see it everywhere you go? Can you hear with each person you talk to? When you look around can you not see and feel the energy of others as you talk to them or walk by them?

I talked about this all year, as this is the year of abundance and truth, where is the truth and abundance within you? My abundance comes from others just like me who want to make a difference in the world around them. I see them with each new day as it arrives. These are the individuals who make you laugh, smile and think “oh what a beautiful day this is”. So many of us live our life in our own truth of our reality, that reality in which we create. When you look around what is it that you are creating? Are you creating the abundance of loving friends? Are you creating an abundance of working with others to bring excitement to your cause? Are you creating a reality in which everyone has an equal share in that excitement? As we get closer in our spiritual growth to that excitement that is pulling at us, we are journeying to that point of our growth that says “your creation is that which moves you forward”. What is moving you forward? What is it that pulls at you to move forward in your journey in which you are creating?

Let’s take a moment of time to sit down and look at what we are creating. We all are seeking peace within us and those around us. You hear this everyday with everyone you speak with. Your heart calls out for it deep within you. And this we know is true as we look all around us. Some individuals decide to step away from things, where they feel there is no peace to share. What would it be like to have peace, hmmmm……….. I guess we need to decide what it will take to have that peace.

Peace is one of feeling at bliss with everything around you, Peace is one that makes you know you can relax and breathe. Were there is an absence of negativity. Where you can be just who you are and not have to worry what others may think. Peace is knowing that, the world in which we live there are others who care. That we share in the language of love, opening our arms to each other and creating a bond that nothing can divide. Peace is something that naturally comes from each of us; we have just lost what it feels like. Yes, you can say “I get my peace from looking at my child”, but then worries come in. You can say “it is peaceful to be relaxing in a hot tub”, but then the thoughts of the day come through. You can say “ peace is sitting on a beach and enjoying the sound of the ocean”, and then too, the thoughts of the world eco systems and endangered beautiful sea life comes to mind.

When we are at peace there is nothing that shall enter the mind but bliss, that nirvana state of being. How can we understand this when most do not know what bliss / nirvana is? We now have that challenge in our creation to have just that- nirvana a bliss of being that is so pure and untouched that nothing shall separate it again from you.

In our creation we must first take a look at what it is that we need to remove from our own world of being, that will intrude upon that bliss. We need to honestly take a look at how we give peace to others. We need to understand that everyone including our family, friends, spouses, partners, co-workers, bosses, associates are all included in this. Do we treat everyone equally in our daily lives so that they each feel our peace? Do we only save our peace for those of like mind to share with? Do we really share our peace with our own self?

Okay as we looked at that, how do we go about giving this peace to each and everyone around us? We start with a smile! We are the tool that corrects the changes we know to implement that change. Do not stress, everything will be okay. At first others might look at you funny, to this we just laugh and keep smiling. Of course you will be asked by others if you are sick or feeling okay; We just laugh and keep smiling. Do we need to share in the challenge with others that we are growing in our peace? Yes & No. We do not need to give them everything we have always been feeling so that we end up dumping on them all of your reasoning’s. We do not need to inform them that you have had serious issues with them and need to change your peace. You do not need to swamp the with so much that which is then not peace. Just give to them the peace that is in your heart, very simple.

Now, the next step in your challenge is what to do with those same issues. All of the issues that you have had with those around you, that has kept you from giving them your peace. This step is one my students and clients know so well; this is what I like to call Journaling! I know what you are thinking, no ones likes to voluntarily journal. But then again, remember it is about what you are creating in your world. Think about what is your world right now? Go ahead I will wait…… Okay did you get a good look at what is in your world right now? Is there peace? So if there is no peace, what do you have to lose by journaling? Hmmm……….
I see so much that I would have to lose by not journaling. One is my own peace of mind. As we start each new day we have so much that comes to us. When we work-in an environment with others, there is always the personality differences. As we engage in these relationships with others, we then become apart of their world. As we become apart of their world we then pull it into our own world. Do you know what all of this creating is? It is creating our world in which we live. And as we walk though our world in which we have created, where is the peace?. All of this brings us back to the beginning in what our creation truly is.

When we take the time to journal we are releasing that which has been created that is void of peace and love that is truly within each of us. We are releasing all that has been dumped upon as our days goes along. We are learning our different lessons in our learning. And as we are all learning this we are also learning what true peace is. It is grabbing a hold of this peace and then instead of dumping all of this stuff on others, we dump it into our journals. Which then, allows all of that stuff that had been dumped upon you, stay in your own journal. As all of this is written on your pages of your journal the truth is then looked at on so many levels deep within you. And there is where everything stays, it stays there and cannot be manifested any longer in your life and the lives of others.

This is such an amazing gift to give to yourself and others. Is it not amazing to see you have just created the first steps to your own peace and the peace of others? If there is nothing that is in you any longer which is an issue. Then there is nothing that can come up to replace your peace. And as you become comfortable with your own peace, so too shall everyone around you create their own place of peace within their hearts..

Give a smile, when others are seeking you out, they just may need your peace!

Love, Laughter & Light,

All Rights reserved Copyrighted -2014 ©Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®