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Guided Meditations into the Universal Realms with Adele

All new ½ hour guided meditations with Adele as she guides you through the spiritual realms.

Adele is now offering her guided meditations via audio download for you to enjoy and experience in the convenience of your own home.

‘I keep being asked for my guided meditations where I open etheric and esoteric doors into the universal realms of our spirit guides, angels, loved ones and planetary friends. With this I am recording what is being given to me and in turn would like to share with you. I hope you take pleasure in each one as they are very special in many ways. If you have experienced and enjoyed all of my published Guided Meditation CD’s found here then these meditations will be the next step into the realms that you are seeking. If you are new to meditating then you have come to the right place. Let’s journey together and open ourselves to all that is there with you right now. Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie. ”

Adele’s meditations are insightful and such a joy to experience the journeys to visit with your spirit guides, angels, self, healing energies, crystals, planets and the universe. The love, knowledge, guidance and support that we receive in a larger than life way that will have you experiencing things that you only thought possible in this lifetime journey. Adele’s voice takes you deep in meditation whether you are new to meditating or have journeyed before. Explore all that you are meant to be, all that is right in front of you. If you are seeking answers then going into the right energy of a meditation is the place to be. If you are seeking how to open up the lines of communication with your angels, spirit guides, loved ones and especially you then this is the right place to be. You have been guided for a reason and now allow Adele to guide you.

All New ½ hour guided meditations with Adele as she guides you through the spiritual realms. Adele gentle loving voice will soothe you as she walks you thru breathing exercises and then letting go of all things around you. Listen as she journeys with you each step of the way, guiding you into the universal realms.

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Peace and Love©

Whether you are a beginner to meditating or an advance magi Adele ask that you take the time to listen to this first guided meditation to help guide you in understanding what meditations are all about, learning how to let go in your meditations, how to connect and experience your meditations as they are meant to be and allowing it to be easier by letting go of everyday distractions.

All of Adele’s guided meditations are ½ hour in length.

1) Healing table of Jeshua©

There is no place more glorious than the home of Jeshua and his healing table.

2) Guardian of mine©

Save this date to meet up with your Guardian Angel and allow thy true self to shine thru.

3) To grow from a seed©

Never can you believe how just one little seed can grow this big.

4) A time to remember©

Journey as Adele takes you back to a time long ago, one that still is with you now.

5) Journey with your loved ones©

You make the date and now open the door to visit with your loved ones in spirit.

6) Angel True©

What can be more loving than a rendezvous with the Angels.

7) The Crystal City of Truth©

Long ago we walked the very earth that now has changed so much that we forget the path that lead us here.

8) There is no place like home©

Adele guides you to experience how true that is as she takes you home for a visit to read and feel your own Akasha Records.

9) Letting go and stepping out©

Ever want to just step away and see what it is like to live

10) Open thy Eyes, Open thy Heart©

lets get centered within as Adele guides you into open your eyes to true love.

11) Mother May I©

Join Adele as she places your hand in Mothers for an empowerment of the Divine Self.

12) Warrior of Light©

You have that pull within that there is a battle that you must not be late for. The battle of a Warriors Light.

All of Adele’s guided meditations are ½ hour in length.

Please light a white candle, place your hands in a prayerful position to begin and then relax as you listen to Adele guide you into the spiritual realms.


Meditations will be Available beginning  2015

Guided Meditation Audio Download – $20.00


Guided Meditation Audio Download – $20.00