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Happy Birthday Mom

Well, here it is June. I would like to share this story with all of you, I hope this finds a way into your heart and helps you understand, as you too have been here before, with so many things going on this month and I want to take the time to say…

“Happy Birthday Mom”

June fourth is my mom’s birthday and she will be celebrating – but not here as we do, she will be spending her birthday home with the Blessed Mother, Jesus, her parents and her soul group from all her previous lifetimes. This will be her first one back home in sixty-eight years, can you imagine the big one they will throw her? My mother transitioned home on November 22, 2005, just days before Thanksgiving and the holiday season. As she transitioned home she left us all with a huge hole in our hearts and lives, one that will never be filled in this lifetime by another like her.

As this Easter approached I was not particularly looking forward to the day or Easter dinner, last Easter was the last nice dinner that I had had with my parents, I invited them to dinner and was very nervous to make sure everything was just right. I had invited my two girlfriends to join us and did not tell my parents that we would be having extra company, in my house there is always children and company, so no big deal to have two more and they added more love and laughter to such a momentous holiday. That day was so much fun and I was truly having a great time with everyone as we shared stories and Mom pulling pictures out of all of her grandchildren, she never left home without them. My girlfriends shared themselves so much with my family, I could see mom and dad were really having a nice relaxed fun time. So, I felt doubly blessed in all ways.

I made one mistake that day, as we were sitting and sharing stories I looked over at my mother and saw her father (my grandfather) looking back at me – it was all in the eyes, and I was just relaxed so much I told her “you have granddaddy’s eyes.“ My mom got so upset and mad at me, I started apologizing and tried to make it up to her, but to this day, I have never forgotten the whole ordeal.

You see, once again being so connected with Spirit and what they show and tell me, I made the mistake of being comfortable and opening my mouth to what my mind was seeing and understanding. I meant no harm; it was just out before I knew it. My mom had some issues with her father, I believe she is not alone in the world with those thoughts; that children have as adults of their parents, sometimes we just forget how deep those feelings really are.

So, as this Easter approached I kept going back to that day a year ago and knew, that I would never be able to have a nice dinner with her again and I was not ready to face it and the feelings that went with it. So many pictures flew through my mind. Especially the one from a dream I had – one month after last Easter. My mom’s father (my grandfather) came to me in my dream and he showed himself to me as never before and I could not quite understand what he was saying about Christmas – but he was showing himself deceased – laying in the back seat of my truck on his side – I looked at him and said okay, I know you are gone from here – you passed away many years ago, but what are you doing in my back seat? He just laid there, and when I went to put my hand under him he was wet and I realized that all of his body fluids were draining out into my hands, I went and placed a blanket under him and the sun was shining down on us as I said “I need to get you to someplace cool so you don’t decompose.”

I started driving my truck up a hill and at the top of the hill was my mother’s house, I was taken back at first because it looked like my mom and dad’s house but it had a two-car garage on it and mom’s house had no garage. I kept driving and then I drove on in the garage, and it was a huge warehouse with a lady at the desk to check things in. I checked my grandfather in as the lady told me “don’t worry everything will be okay” and off I went. Now that was quite a vivid dream and the next night I had another about my husband passing away also from an accident and him telling me he was so sorry.

As these two dreams played through my head I was not fearful – I knew that death in dreams did not mean just that of a physical person or loved one. But, in these two dreams, it was my deceased loved ones (family) coming to tell me something was going to happen. And the only time any of my deceased loved ones (family) come to me like this, is to tell me when something will happen to a loved one, who will be crossing over to go home, usually soon or within a couple of months. And I had the message of Christmas.

So, I asked a couple of psychic and medium friends what they had thought all of this meant, I was still analyzing it myself, but thought okay I will ask around. It did not feel right with what they said, but I was going to go with it and see. Within a month my husband’s uncle transitioned home. Looking back at the dream – it was an accident and he was sorry. Well, now we had a connection for that dream of my husbands passing. So, I sat and started looking at the other dream once again with my grandfather. What I saw, I did not want to see, so I just put it out of my head.

One month later, Mom was looking at Metastatic Liver Cancer, She was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years before and had just celebrated being a Cancer Survivor .

I knew then what I had seen, along with what my grandfather was preparing me for, was my mothers transition home.

This is what my grandfather was showing me last Easter as I looked into my mothers eyes and saw his. He was telling me she needed to heal herself or she was leaving all of us to go home. I sat and thought of all the times she was journaling, all the spiritual books she would read and places she would go and still she chose – not to look at this issue with her dad, for journaling about it would have broken her heart.

For she was choosing to make her own choices this lifetime and she made hers.

As I sit here this Holiday and watch my children and two friends enjoying the most precious day of the year together, I embrace the gift my mother gave me in that last week and a half of her life, as she was preparing for her transition home.

I finally got to touch and be a part of my mother, that I wanted my whole life. To have her accept me, being beside her in a way that will be the most precious thing to me as long as I live, to be able to touch her, to smell her, to hold her, to help her in ways that she never wanted to admit she needed from me or anyone else before.

For me my mother was the strongest lady alive.

To have her look at me her daughter and see that she knew I understood everything that her eyes and heart were saying to me. She did not have to speak the words. She loved me and knew that I have always been strong enough to handle all of it, all of the pain the hurt and the feeling of being alone, in such a large family. For she had always felt alone in her large family. She knew that she had been a part of that creation, whether she wanted it that way or not and I would survive whatever life threw at me. All the years of pain started melting away, and I was being given a chance to truly see what was in her heart, she could not say it before but she was trying to say it now, for all of the misunderstanding we had had, and the pain we had caused one another by not trusting in the system of the light to see us safely through.

On that last day that she was consciously aware of things, I was running in from a workshop I was giving and as I went into her room, she held out her arms and I grabbed her hands as she said “Adele“ I said “yes, Mom, I am here and everything will be just fine, I promise you.”  She held my hands and as I said one last time “I love you too.”

Those where the most precious days I have ever had with my mother and now I share them with you, if she had not taught me at such an early age to be who I am, I would not of been able to share with you now.

Even as a Clairvoyant Medium, we are not told or shown directly everything that will be happening around us, but we are given what we truly need to understand about what is happening. For each part of my dream was in total connection to the events that played out, it is up to each of us to interpret life as we live it. May you always live each day in the blessings of…

Love, Laughter & Light,
Adele Marie