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Counsel of One with Adele Marie


The Counsel of One CD fee is $21.00.  The fee to purchase as an MP3 file is $19.97.  To order yourCounsel of One CD or MP3, please click the button:


These guided Meditations CDs are a part of my Development Classes that I teach on a weekly basis. I wanted to open that door for you to have a part of that teaching from across the miles to assist and guide you in your own development.

I will take you straight into a Guided Meditation that is being channeled to me as I speak the words to you, my own Counsel of One is showing and guiding me.  As you listen to my voice I am taking you to the Realms in which to meet those of your own Counsel.

Each CD is an hour in length, with two thirty minute or more guided meditations, please be aware each guided meditation is to be done separately, allowing yourself to have the time in between meeting each of your own guides, angels and teachers, to truly get to know them. These CDs are a door opener to your own connection and relationship with each one.

Understand these are not all of your guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms, but just a few of the major ones whom you will get to know and work with on a daily basis. As time goes on, I will be introducing you to even more of your own Counsel who are with you each day. I will be channeling more guided meditation CDs, but as always, I will be presenting some guided meditations that have never been heard before at my workshops, seminars and events, as these will be the ones that are given to me by my own Counsel, to bless, open up and connect with those who are attending these events.

You will be amazed as you find yourself actually meeting each of your guides, angels and teachers in the Spiritual Realms with these Guided Meditation CDs, the Joy, Love and knowledge that comes from them to you, and the recognition to each one in which you are about to meet. I send you my Blessings, and Love!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

NOTE: These Meditation CDs are not be used while driving or operating any type or form of machinery.

Information about the two guides you will be meeting while meditating with the Counsel of One CD:

The Joy Guide
Children are impish and mischievous as a rule. The Joy Guide most often appears as a child, a small fairy like child and/or young maidenly adolescent. They can display behavior that would be described as mischievous. Your Joy Guide is the one who is responsible for bringing out the lighter side of our personalities. When things become missing, your Joy Guide is there to let you know to lighten it up. Even though your Joy Guide appears to be childish in many ways, be respectful to them, for your Joy Guide is highly intelligent in all ways as with all of your guides. When mirth and merriment manifest within a group of people unexpectedly for no particular reason, it is frequently the presence of someone’s Joy Guide causing the frivolity and trying to get your attention. We could all certainly benefit from less stress by viewing some matters with a sense of humor.

Call upon your Joy Guide when your daily life becomes overwhelming, and you need to laugh out loud. Your Joy Guide will show you the humor in the situation. This Joy Guide is sometimes referred to as a Medium’s “message bearer “and to help control the spirit crowd of an individual who is seeking a reading or channeling. Your Joy Guide my sometimes call you “Mommy” as she is of that child like energy, and wanting to make you happy and joyful.

I work with my Joy guide in all of my deliverance of messages as she controls the crowd in spirit and let’s them know what my “ rules “ are when I work. In my workshops and classes she gathers other joy guides together to keep them busy and give them the outline of what we will be doing. Together then, they all come together to bring a lightness of energy when we need it, she is also my “hostess with the mostess” as she welcomes all who enter our home and greets everyone’s guides, angels teachers and loved ones in spirit from the light, letting them know what is going on and who needs to do what.

The Protector Guide
The Protector Guide or your Native American Indian seems to be the guide everyone is most familiar with and expects to work with and hear from when in a private session with a medium. Since the Native American Indian is the true native of the United States, it is the Native American Indian that appears most often. As I have said before, I have a friend who has a female Protector Guide with her and she looks like “Zena” a female warrior from the 1700’s. More likely than not, you will have a Native American Indian, if you are from Africa, you might have one who looks like an African Warrior, from Sweden, you might have one who looks like a Viking. So, be relaxed and take what your guide shows you.

Your Protector Guide is usually the first one to make a strong presence with you, as you are more comfortable with their protective nature spirit. I have found that most Protector Guides work with those who are balanced and work with mother earth in one way or another, from the everyday yard work, to planting and working with herbs. Go ahead and work with the soil of mother earth, go to an area that has a small pond, stream or lake and get to know the area, take notice of the plants in your yard and neighborhood, as you do so you will notice your Protector guide presence around you and then as you are examining the local plants, you will start to understand all about the plants, you will find yourself thirsting for that knowledge to know more. This is the influence of your Protector Guide.

Many people feel the presence of their Protector Guide sitting next to them in a car when they travel, and some tell stories about accidents being averted due to their Indian guides. My Protector Guide is my first and most trusted best friend , who never leaves my side and always looks out for my best interest in my work, and when I lay down to go to sleep at night, I ask him to be at my side and watch over me as I sleep and dream, that no harm comes to me.

NOTE:  Take the time after using these meditation CDs to work with and get to know your guides, angels and teachers in the spiritual realms. These are the ones in your own counsel; you will find that they are your very best friends in every way.

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As in all you do, Bless those around you as you open your awareness up from the foundation to your ascension with all the love and guidance from the Spiritual Realms. May you be Blessed this Day!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele