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A Special Message of Enlightenment…

Welcome to All as the New Year is approaching and we are and have been preparing ourselves for this surge of energy to propel us further along on our path of discovery with Spirit. As you read this take a moment to stop and look back at the past year and all of your accomplishments, and be very proud of who you are and how far you have traveled on your path here on Mother Earth.

We all have our place here, to be and do what we have signed up to do in this lifetime. What stumbles have you taken this past year? What have you stubbornly hung on to that makes these stumbles keep happening? What lessons have you learned that stands out the most? Do you see where you are going from here? What part of you is the part – which you are still hanging on to, that is not in integrity?

This new and exciting year is the year of Truth, Strength, and Merging as one – with yourself and each other. To stepping up and out, in all that you do, in knowing who you are and where you are going, and knowing that it is within you and within everyone to be all that you are and have all that you need to propel you further along this journey. We are a culture of wants and needs, what more do you need to see the truth within all around you?

This is the time to stop making excuses and be whom you have chosen to be – right now! The Glory of the Infinite Divine resides within each of us, we seem to take it upon ourselves to acknowledge the Infinite Divine in the most sterile of conditions; when we want to look and see. What we need to see, is the Infinite Divine residing within each of us every second of every second of each and every moment of every day. And is there, for us to access and utilize at any given moment of every second of being. Start acknowledging that which is there, start acknowledging that you are the birth of the Infinite Divine and watch as the Spiritual Realms open up around you and grace you with the true reality of being.

Now is the time to get excited in all of your relationships; with Spirit, friends, family, co-workers, those who you know and those who you have not yet met. Look at more than what you can offer them this coming year, but also, what they can contribute to you and your own spiritual growth. See and acknowledge all the signs around you – for there will be an abundance from Spirit, that in years past, went un-noticed. Have patience for those who are lost, remember who you were and where you were, when the light shined upon your face and opened our eyes.

To all those who cannot seem to find the time to meditate, do you take the time to breath? Do you take the time to watch the sunset? Do you take the time to watch TV or talk on the phone? Look at what gives you the radiance of energy in your life and then see it for what it is. We ask for so much from Spirit, and we can see and hear so much more when we take the time to just be, be in that moment of reality and listen, see what is right in front of you that spirit is sending.

Meditation can give you so much, but it is up to you in what you really want.

This is the year of Truth and what is your truth?

Greet each day with thanks for all that is and all that will ever be, greet each day with the acknowledgment that you are here for a Divine purpose and each second of each moment is living in that purpose.

This is the year of a rising of mass consciousness; the time has started and can never be otherwise for the shifting of this energy is wave upon wave as we stand. We stand for the mass of light, which we have asked for in all the years past. All the prayers that were sent to the light has been growing in intensity and is being pushed into our consciousness NOW!

Once again, it is not the time to stand and say “ I just can’t seem to get it “ What is there to get ? Glory to be – for all the words spoken, Glory to be – for all the prayers heard and are now being answered. We are being inundated on Mother Earth now with the answers to those payers. Spirit has been sending the little ones, they have heard the cries for help from the souls here on Mother Earth and that is their part from their contracts with us – it is time for them to be born here who will walk with us and show the mass that it is so easy to be one with the Infinite Divine.

We are the leaders, the warriors to start showing the light, to make the change gently, as we have been doing, welcoming the little ones, one-by-one to show us our own true strength, to show us the truth is all that lies ahead of us. To guide us pre-ceding the mass of humanity that will change Mother Earth for her ascension. We have been preparing for so long for all of these years, the children being born are the lights that cannot be extinguished. They will not let anyone tell them what in truth is not really there; they will hold the energy for the mass. They will be the humble but truthful. They will be here for the whole of Mother Earth to join and rise with the ascension process that was started and cannot be turned back. These will not be the ones to idolize, for they will not except that at all, for they know their mission, they know their contract and they will not be side-tracked. They will lovingly hold you in their arms and take your pain, hurt and confusion away. They will look at those with mournful eyes and know that it is not their time to be re-born here on Mother Earth, but to be born home and honored for their existence in this physical world which holds no more for them to do.

This will be a year of Cleansing, for us to do on a personal physical level and for the cleansing and transformation of Mother Earth as she settles more in her own work for the mass ascension – which we must understand will take longer than our own earth lifetimes to finish. She will be belching this coming year in hot spots all over the world in which we know and live. Just be patient with her, for if you think you have a hard job in your work with spirit, imagine how much harder her job is during her process. Listen to Spirit as each of your guides, teachers and loved ones lead you where you need to be and do the work you are here to do. Be always aware of the little things that make you who you are. Love yourself and those around you, and never ask what if, live each what if.

I leave you with these words as I too look back on this past year, a year of so much growth, love and sharing. A year of changes so dramatic that we had no time to assimilate what all transpired for our own benefit and ascension. And, I too have to look back at the strength of a woman who will be missed by many too young to understand all of what she gave, until their time to be in true truth in this physical world, where they need to be who they truly are.

I stop and look at the life of my mother, Joan Mae Bellofatto, a woman beyond her time. Her true beauty and strength lies in all seven children she raised to be who they are meant to be. And all that she taught us and gave us to think about as she transitioned home this past November 22, 2005. For her truth that she left her mark on all of us as a wife, mother and daughter. And her truth she always spoke, even to those who did not want to here it, I have to honor her, for her truth in her words, even to the last days. Her strength and faith is what she held onto as I look back at the past five years as she fought her battle with breast cancer. Her faith as she lived and walked hand – in – hand with Jesus on her spiritual path, like many of us, she learned and read everything she could on her spiritual journey and her journey took her through her physical life issues as she wrote them out across the pages of her journal. She walked her ascension these years and let no one stop her on her path, as she prepared herself for her greatest journey of all and she feared no evil as she walked through the valley of death.

Her strength through those last weeks was such a true and precious gift to me, for I had to stop and ask – if I had that strength what would I do? Would I greet people who came to say there last good-byes with a smile and memories of past years, would I be able to still remember and calculate the dates, months and times of every birth of every child born to everyone I knew? Would I be able to hold my head up high and face each sorrowful and grief-stricken look with a joke? And then I remember the words my mother spoke to me so many years ago “ “ never let anyone take from you which can only be given away “ and I held my head up high and pulled in her strength, to be for the last physical time, my mothers daughter.

I am more fortunate than many, for my faith is as strong as it always has been and that is what has been a savings grace, for I have been opened to spirit and our loved ones in spirit, since I was a small child, and my mother is by my side as she is with my father and brothers. She talks to me about her visits with all 23 grandchildren and how at night she gently sings them to sleep. She can be where she wants to be and with who she wants to be with and she does not need an invitation to stop by. I am honored for the strength she instills in me, for I now have a greater strength in the truth of Spirit.

In Love, Laughter & Light
Adele Marie

All Rights reserved Copyrighted 2014 ©Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®