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Channeled Message with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled by Adele Marie

MARCH Energy Comes Blasting In: 

As you enter into March of your earth years, so much is going on, as all of you are trying to acclimate yourselves even more with this surge of energy that keeps pushing through. And how are you doing with all this ? Are you noticing what is going on ? Or are you busy with the physical things in your earth life, which you do not understand what is happening around you? Well, you are not alone right now, there are many of you who have been working with this wonderful energy and it is like a freight train fully loaded and flying down the tracks. If you decided to be present and board this train, then you know things are moving and working quite wonderfully, as you are open to working with Spirit and are truly honest with yourself. Congratulations, you are noticing all these things, and not feeling the emotions that everyone else is experiencing. If you are like the majority, in which, life seems dis-organized right now, if you keep experiencing illness like symptoms, if your friends seem to all be up in arms over things you don’t understand, if you do not want to be at you present job, or are physical and emotionally tired and don’t know why, then thank this surge of energy that you have been experiencing and know that Yes, you have asked for it along with millions of other Lightworker’s, but did not realize what to expect from all of it.

Did I say you asked for it? Yes, once again I did, you are not alone there, for each one of you has asked, you have been asking since the beginning of your time on Mother Earth. You have been asking since you have received the light into your own physical hearts, asking to know your purpose on Mother Earth at this time. You ask for this energy in every prayer you request every thought you have, that you send to your angels, guides, loved ones, Jesus and God. And, you have been heard since that beginning of time when you opened yourselves up to believe, believe that there is a divine omnipresence and that you are an aspect of that divine omnipresence. You have in actuality created this vortex of energy that you are experiencing, and you are now asking what should you do. You have been told many times “be careful of what you ask for” well you have all asked for this divine energy and it is the divine feminine energy that you are receiving, do you not recognize it? You should, but then again, it has been so long since you have felt it, and it seems foreign to you. Do not worry, you are lovingly being assisted with this energy as it flows over and through you, you just need to let go of all the controlling that you insist on doing in order for you to seem to know what you are doing. Do you, Do you know what you are doing right now?

This feminine divine energy flowing with all of you right now, is part of who you really are, and can benefit you tremendously as you are entering this phase of your own ascension. In all of your discoveries you will discover who you are, and how to integrate the masculine and divine feminine into one. A beautiful reunion, that you have waiting for you as you acclimate these energies into its rightful place of one. One with All, the omnipresence of your own divine presence with All. Do not let these energies swallow you up, reach into your oneself and examine your true self honestly, release that part of yourself which is holding you down or back, step fully into the light of your own divine being and you will see the glorious birthing of your true divinity rise and float on this sea of energy that is here for you to fully experience in all ways for your ascension process. This is what you have been asking from the beginning; embrace that for which you have asked for.

In all things, I leave you peace,
Ascended Master Lord Amin- Ru