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A Night with Stars and Adele

What a Lovely way to begin your journey into meditation allowing yourself to enjoy all that you are all that you are here for in your journey… Adele AAA Brookelovingly guides you thru Meditation and then introduces you to the Celebrity Stars around you. Your are not going to want to miss these nights!

Dates: VERY Special Night March 5, 2021

Times: *** 7:00 pm.*** ( See Below) ( doors open 6:45 pm -Lock at 7:00 pm Prompt)

(please do not wait on landing prior to 6:45 pm.)

Location: Millersville, MD.

Empowerment: 50.00

There is no place to be than with the Stars among you.

Adele is the Master Visionary when it comes to guided Meditations and she holds nothing back on these nights when she delivers to you Messages from the Celebrity Stars that we have seen on screen, TV and in person throughout our lives… She shares with you : “We have grown up with icons in our lives whom many have transitioned home into Heaven. When we lose these individuals we feel as if we have lost a very dear, cherished and close loved one. Our own soul energy lights up as we live out each day in our experiences that we are going through, when this occurs we match the energies of their souls too. As this takes place they join us as we go about our day to day journey called life. We may be going thru what they themselves experienced in their earthly life. They see our light of questions and emotions, joy and happiness, struggles and determination and in turn, join us to assist us to get thru it all. This does not mean they are with us for the rest of our lives here on Mother Earth. Just a passing friendship of guidance when we need it the most. How awesome is that?

What message do the Celebrity Stars have for just you?

These nights Adele will guide you thru a meditation and then introduce and deliver messages from the Celebrity Stars that are around you. What a delight to find out who is with you and what their message of guidance is just for you.

On these nights Adele delvers to you a cool way of seeing and hearing messages from your Celebrity Star whom have now crossed over into Heaven. These are very Special select nights with a limited audience and this is a low light night. 

A Night with the Stars with Adele

Night with the Stars with Adele originated, created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copy Right© 2000-2023 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®

This is the Coolest event you will ever be apart of!

I was so thrilled when Robin came in to talk to me,  what he shared with me has changed my life. (B.M. – Ellicott City)

I was blown away when Adele first told me who was with me, imagine Elvis having the time to talk to me and he knew, he knew what I was going through and got right tot he heart of the matter and I just cried my eyes out. I will never forget this experience, never!. I love you Adele. (J.D.- Arlington, VA.)

Wow is all I can say, I am so thankful that I found you Adele. You have changed my life and to have Princess Diana come and talk to me was such a blessing. I could feel her sitting next to me and lots of love. Thank you and Bless you. (Sue S.- Elkridge, MD.)

There are those who are divinely guided to be here on Earth for all of humanity and what I experience with Adele I know in my heart she is here for us all. Adele gives so much and take us to places that we dream about but can never quite get there on our own. To be in your presence is an experience in itself. When you look at me I know I am seeing the soul of a very old wise one that has touched the hand of God and thank you for being here. (Mary L. – Wash.D.C.)

Okay, I was skeptical at first and then you blew my mind with John W. coming in. I have watched all of his movies since I was a little boy and there he was. I could feel him as I could feel myself and it was an experience I shall never forget. thank you Adele for offering this, I shall be back. ( J. B. Ellicott City, MD.) 

I am so excited to visit with you for these nights and I am grateful for you offering them. I am bringing my mother and sister with me Adele. I have had private readings with you, and you were dead on and changed my life, I finally feel at peace and have found a new love!. I know these nights will be amazing. See you soon. ( Darlene G.- Ellicott City, MD.)

Hi Adele, you came to our place at the beach and did a huge group reading and we all love you. You are very special to all of us, you are right on, beautiful, inspiring and we have never laughed so hard knowing our mom and grand mom are together still enjoying it up together. I know the others had the same experience as we did and thank you !  I am excited to come to your place and be apart of this experience. I know my mom is already arranging everything as I type this, lol. We love you !  (Steph M.- OC, MD.)


A Night with the Stars with Adele originated, created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright© 2000-2023 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®

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