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12 Things you Need to know about Life


1) Life is what you make it.
2) Life is to be enjoyed, so start enjoying.
3) Life is more complicated to what is really simple. Simply stop complicating it.
4) Life is about living, live each day with new eyes of compassion.
5) Life is creating the balance of masculine and feminine.
6) Life is here for you to live, so learn to live what life is about.
7) Life is being there for someone else… without your own stuff.
8) Life is waking to a new day to start all over in joy. Be joyful and joy returns to you.
9) Life is the chance you have to make a difference. Making a difference in so many lives empowers your life to live the difference.
10) Life is truly beautiful when you give it a chance.
11) Life is about having peace inside, when no one else sees it.
12) Life is about LOVE
Life is about so many things that we sometimes forget that there is a never ending extent to what life is. Take a moment and add on your own 12 things to those I have provided above and you begin to see LIFE in a whole new way.

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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