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12 things you need to know on how to meditate


1) Find time when you will not be disturbed

2) Play some gentle music, ring a bell or sit quietly listening to the natural sounds around you

3) Burn incense that will create the ambiance and allow you to relax

4) Light a white candle

5) Sit or lie down where you will be comfortable

6) Say a prayer of light protection

7) Invite your spirit guides to be with you

8) Set your intention for the meditation

9) And then begin your breathing; be consciously aware of your breath as you inhale and exhale

10) Relax your body, give yourself permission to relax with each breath you take

11) Let go of all things that come into your mind that has to do with your day or chores that need to be done

12) Enjoy ! Remember this is your time to gift to yourself, a special time just for you…to connect with yourself and to receive understanding, answers, a connection to a higher source, a lighter mind, body & spirit.

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

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