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Predictions 2015

Okay for as many years as I can remember I have always been given visions of things that are going on and things to come for all of us in this amazing world we live in. And a remember a few years back, well actually longer than that, I had posted my predictions to my Newsletter. One of the visions that had been given to me I said that “I see the USA as a third world country”. Man on man did I receive emails from everyone having a fit with me for being so negative. I had to laugh as if they knew me I was a long way from being negative. I was being HONEST….


Why is it individuals want the predictions and then when they are given, pandemonium breaks out? These are visions that I am receiving, I receive them all the time and over my lifetime they have never steered me wrong or been wrong. And with an authority I can say that, even though the compassion is there as if I really describe them in full detail then that would be a little horrific as the way I truly see them, so I am actually toning them down for the main stream viewing audience or better yet, laymen terms.

I am no different than other Visionaries in what I am receiving, I am different that I am receiving what I am to be receiving to then share with those around me. This is true with how I do personal and private readings with my clients. Sometimes the detail that is there is very overwhelming and sometimes it is for me to fill in the blanks and knowing that it is right. A life as a Visionary is one that is beautiful and yet so truthful that there is no denying the outcome of said visions, nothing is left unseen.

I have a late and dear friend with whom I would share all of my visions with before they went public. Bless her as she understood everything I was going thru and also the enormity of what I was given and how it would affect individuals living in this world. She was a huge guidance when it came time to publish them as she would say “give the visions they way you are receiving them and let the individual reader decide for themselves”. The visions I am receiving even you will not like, but must admit I have been dead on accurate from the beginning.

So be that which you are as sure as I am that which I am. I see so much more now than before and you my friends have much to live thru.

For these predictions I have asked the assistance of Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and the Angelic Wise Ones® They may seem a little eclectic but when you really understand them then you will see what I mean. And remember all that which is written does not have to be, it is the energies in which we place out and around that make that which is happening, may we wish this never takes place upon here with us now. 

Let the journey begin in a whole new way as we enter 2015…

The times when I have said before as a third world nation we will be on our feet in such a disruption that we will enter a civil war as we have never seen before. Because on our shores are just not those with whom their hearts toll to be, but the enemy from afar that has arrived long before. We have literally welcomed with open arms that which is ripping the foundation from beneath us and this has to be as the world is opening its doors to be one. The civil war that was not to be our own has been created and decided upon by those not of our shores, so we shall see multiple civil wars before us. We shall be fighting a cause not that which would have been created or thought of by those who live within the structure of societies rules but by those who create their own and shall implement them to the end. I see many individuals walking and wondering among us, they shall weave such a tight nit of indecisions that even you are unawares.

Why is it not seen then that the seat you sit and the pants you wear are of the same cloth as before. We have entered energies like this before and we are once again there now and it is only the beginning.

Being ripped apart is the foundation that once stood the trails and tribulations to being energies together to a combination of one mind, one skin, one way.

For we are entering the times of indecisions to go back thru the times of tribulations, that stood on our shores before. And we have not seen this energy since the Lemurian times wading thru the bottom sea floor. A looking glass if one closely looks for the truth to be spilled not bloods upon the floor.

You have brought about much energy that needs to erase and then duplicate the masses in a way that they remember who they are. They remember their own earth planet and why they are here and now. A time of going back, going back, going back to once they were before.

2015… shall pit brother against father against sister against mother against daughter against brother, against friend and foe and against siblings and the likes. A time when as we have said before,  the communities must come together but thru their own arrogance that shall continue a time period of denial to that which they are truly doing. Thru their own default they shall not join as one as they believe, but divided and separated to whom they truly are.

Religious and Spiritual shall be waged war against one another, the loudest does not win.

The House of God shall ring glorious in those who attend the highest levels of truth not might, blessed are the meek for they shall inherit Mother Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven!

Many changes coming that will seem like signs of weakness among the house of God, but shall shine within the light of God. For wars were decreed in name but the name in which is decreed said to never speak of it again. The days of old energies and new are making their stand as we said many times  “there are no longer times to straddle the fence but choose the side in which you stand”. For a promise was made to never go back to those energies so to those who breach that trust have opened a door in which was closed long ago, that should never have opened.

The grail from within the opening shall be forever closed and no more discoveries shall be opened for us to know.

A time when others before us walked the earth plane and knew deep within their hearts that there was no reason to go back to this again. They gave their ultimate to then see it destroyed by those who wish to claim their heritage as the same. But know this now, to those who claim that which is not their own shall be throw down upon to then live that which they claim as their own.

Be who they gave their very last breath for you to be you and free, to not place the burden upon them once again, for you would not like their answers to your behavior in these days and ages.

The continual dummy down of a society in which should have their greatest glory thru their erstwhile decree of knowledge that escapes them time and time again. 

The states which gained the most attention shall then cry out as they are seeking more than the energy can hold for their time of preparation was here and they turned their backs while the snake walked among them 

There shall be colonies that rise in the next years ahead that shall shut their doors to those around them no matter what is said .No legal entity can change was has begun, for the legal entity has already placed this energy into action by their ineffective action.  

There shall be persecutions upon persecutions of the innocence, as the time of the “Souls Calling” is going to running rampant among you. Those who wish to be no longer of the physical shall rise up from the spiritual to attest that which is being done, and take those with them.

The Holy war which has been called is not of the Holy but that of the ego. The genocide in which you speak is that of your own blocking you from what is really underneath. Those with a force that is not greater than thee can use the sword towards you as you are blind in which is really going on. So keep warring against those who are like you instead of those who are controlling you blinding you, laughing at you. You are falling into their own plans to take that which you claimed and those before you.

This shall continue until that which is 2017 till a time when the words of truth shall really ring within you. And as you look back you will see being imprisoned that you should have not tasted what was given freely but what had been fought for you so long ago.

So in all of this I will say, we gave to you years ago the rise and fall of a grand nation, the rise of an energy that would blind you to the truth for their own gain. A time when you would allow the slaughtering of those around you to justify your own ego of being imprisoned, not understanding your own imprisonment was your own self-image. We foretold how there shall be colonies that rise up that shall not let others enter. The children shall be at stake and shall be taken away.

One land, one being, one unity that shall be dominated by the counsel of no mans land and very far away.

These things have come to be, shall you allow this to go on as has been given or shall you open yourself to the truth that lies deep within to know where you have been manipulated and where you have been imprisoned?

2015 is a time of deep indecisions, a time when everyone needs to take a deep breath and listen to what truth really is for illusions are rampant and strong in these energies right now.

Wars shall increase as the sheep bellow about without a protector that rises to the occasion. For the protector is one with whom has a contract of self only.

Once years ago from all that I had seen, I said “ do not place death contracts out others without understanding those same contracts then shall be placed upon you. I see these contracts coming back to take away what others hold onto that shall be ripped from them with no one coming to their rescue. But there shall be a scramble to replace the heads so that there is not a knowing of distress and weakness among them. And this shall also come from within that strikes so fast that no one has time to run.

The house that falls shall be overrun with nothing in mind but to seek and destroy and then the vast waste shall find it shall take numerous years to replace once again.

In all of this I have always seen the surrounding of our capital and the crowd is very large to take without looking back. The dawn arises that forever changes the landscape of all that you hold dear.


Look…. we have many ways to go right now, we are up against an energy of indecisions and irrelevance so huge that it makes my head hurt. Be wise in what you get into and place around you. Be smart in all that you do, not tampering with that which you do not understand. For life goes on right now and these changes that are here and are coming only signify that every living being is calling out for some form of help and assistance. These energies are mixing up within each self and we are getting a convoluted mess. None of this has to be, but we shall see. Clean your own street, your own house and then that which you place out among the energies shall be as pure as the energies that are here with us to assist us in all ways.


I am excited about this year and so too should you be. In all of this that I see there is so much more, so much more… when I have the time I shall share with you the other side of all of this.

More shall be given in a way that brings about change…change that no one seemed to see the same ways as those who spouted it.


Till then….


Love, Laughter & Light™ Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright© Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®