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Adele’s Special Message Just For You

Hi Angels,a-MR

So much is going on energetically everywhere we look and everywhere we go.  Mercury Retrograde is halfway thru and the energies that are due have found most of you with receiving one notice or another that you did not expect but may cause you a little setback…Don’t give up, it is to get you caught up in your journey, so take care of it now and allow the energies to finally set you free…and to the rest of you, the gifts you are seeing are a dream come true, make sure you share those gifts with a true heart and loving soul. Who says MR has to be a negative when we all live it in a positive!

Before I send out my Newsletter later this week I wanted to send you a Surprise Angel Family Special listed below, so much beautiful Angels abound as we welcome our newest little Angel to the family fold.

This Angel Family Special is for today only !

 so make sure you take advantage Now!

Also I have some Workshops that are my favorite scheduled for the next two months so make sure you check them out.

Have a Blessed Week and remember Freedom is that which we all have an equal right and freedom to be who we are meant to be is truer than true right now with these of MR.

So if you have been putting your own self to the side for others… Then Mercury Retrograde is the Perfect time to accomplish and take care of you…to no longer put off what you need to accept this day and everyday!!!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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