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Angel Walkers Collaborative Book #1



ANGEL WALKERS is Soul Star Publishing first book collaboration dedicated to kindness & Love on Mother Earth with the Angelic Realms. From Angels interventions to Earth Angels, everyone has had a chance encounter or experience and here is where you can share you and your story with the world. What a delightful way to share your Angel story than with other angelic individuals. If you have ever wanted to reach out to grab someone’s attention, what better way than to have your own chapter in this amazing Angelic filled book.

Who we’re looking for…
We are looking for Mediums, light workers, psychic-mediums, psychics, spiritual teachers, herbalists, energy workers, healers from newbies to advance to share a short chapter in our Angel Walkers book. We have been searching and have specifically chosen you to join us in this journey. Welcome as we join in this journey as one.

We are seeking to take your vast experience and insight to a new level of exposure

to lighten your way and the way of others. Why sit back and wait, when the time is now!


To be an Angel Walker is to know you are an Angelic light unto the world in your genre and you have touched others with your angelic wisdom, beauty, kindness, laughter, love to name a few. I cannot say how much and such a varied spectrum of Angelic interactions that many of us have had, but we all know they are with us and assist us in all we do. Knowing you will be branching out your audience in this powerful way. An Angel Walker is an opportunity to illuminate those around you in sharing your journey and experience with Angels. From how those interactions changed you to how they inspired you to move forward in your life.

We are seeking topics in our “Angel Walkers” Book on the following:

Angelic Intervention

Angelic Dreams


Angel Protection

Angel Herbal

DIY Angelic Creations

Self Worth


Angelic Awakening

Near Death Stories

Angelic Recipes of Empowerment

limiting beliefs


Psychic insight


Recipes of Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment

Angelic Wisdom Words

and more!

Do you have another topic that would be perfect, please let us now!



We are excited to get this book out in print for everyone to have in their hands to see the wonderful illuminated Angel Walkers we have in our world. Please realize that it will take months to go from editing to print once you join in this book chapter by July 1, 2019. The written Chapter will be due by August 1, 2019 .

We have hired a professional editor for this journey who is looking forward to working with all of us.

This means, when you turn in your 600-2000 word chapter, we’ll be sending it off to be formatted, spellchecked, and grammatically edited. We want you to be proud of this co-creation, which is why we’ll send you a digital copy of your chapter to approve before it goes to print. Once it is approved then we are on our way.

As a contributor, you’ll receive 1 copy for Angel Walkers printed book. ( shipping not included) Then we will give you the option to purchase additional books at wholesale prices for you to advertise, share and sell on your website, social media & more.


We have created Face Book Groups so everyone can keep in touch and share their world getting to know one another. We will be posting updates here to. Step in to introduce yourself to say HI and share your Social Media Pages with everyone.

Join with other illuminated Ladies on our Book Series Page on “Spirit Talk Time” Website. This places you in the search engines for a higher profile of empowerment for others to find you. We all know it is important to get ourselves and our work out into the public eye, here we can add that venue for you.


We offer opportunities to be a Guest on the Talk Show with the Ladies of  “Spirit Talk Time” to market and advertise your business and specialties. This is a powerful incentive to be LIVE  on Air to showcase your profession to a wider audience. We all know it is important to get ourselves and our work out into the public eye, here we can add that venue for you.

With your contribution to this book, we want you to have what you need to distribute & share this book with others of Angelic like mind. You’ll be provided with Social Media Memes, a Press Release, magazine advertising (to place an AD in your local papers.)exposure on the talk show “ Spirit Talk Time”  and more!


Deadline to Join this First Book  “Angel Walkers”  is July 1, 2019

after July 1, 2019 there will be no more registration into this first book in the series.

Angel Walker book #1


What are you waiting for … Use this LINK to join us, and allow your Awesomeness Journey begin !

All Workshop created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copy Right© 2000-2019 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®/ Soul Star Publishing