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Angelic guidance just for you with Earth Angels

Angelic times are here to stay, can you feel it? ….have you been meeting more and more individuals who are talking about the Angels? Have you been allowing the Angels to assist you in any way that is needed? Do you call on the Heavenly Realms of the Angels and do you acknowledge when they are with you? A feeling that is so light and loving it is hard to miss.

We all have Angels with and around us each moment of our day, night and life. Those with whom we have asked to assist us in all ways. To be a guiding light when things get tough and when we sometimes lose our way?

So I ask this of you ….why is it so hard to accept angelic assistance when you have already asked for it? Angels come in all sizes shapes, colors, showing up in amazing ways to bring focus that they are there…Sometimes Angels come to us in our times of need and sometimes they will assist in those times of need from afar…as we all still have free will of choice…that some replace with other emotions…As an Angel I am guided to be where I need to be and to assist those that I may…

When someone comes to see me for a consultation, I always see so many things around them. What I love to see the most, are these beautiful large red and pink hearts with wings attached to the sides, flying all around the individuals head and body. I then know that this person prays, that they ask God for assistance and that they are asking the Angels to assist them in all ways. They are asking the Angels to be with them… for these beautiful hearts with wings are that individual’s messages all their prayers they send to the heavens above. When I see this I always see an entourage of Angels all around them, loving them, listening to them, talking to them, shopping with them, praying with them, etc.. This gladdens my heart…. For the love energy that is there is very overwhelming; it is like being in a slice of heaven wherever you go, as I feel all of this flowing to me. I am very humbled and honored when this happens, for no matter what, the heavenly realms of the Angels: Gods messengers of light are with this individual and they are sharing in this energy of love with all those around them.

Angels have so much in common with us and at the same time they do not. For they do not carry the same characteristics as humans do, the emotional qualities that we display are not in their energy. Many times I am asked if the Angels are mad about a decision one has made. The Angels are smiling brightly as they have no concept of what mad is, it is not there for them. This is why they are Angels. Angels come with a loving energy to show you how to love yourself and others around you. That no matter what there is, what you have done, there can never be anything as bad as what we perceive it to be.

So… no matter how mad an individual can sometimes get in their life for one reason or another,…the Angels have nothing to be mad at, as they see the whole scope… the whole picture of everything that is there in which we cannot see. To know that there is nothing… nothing in which another individual can take form you…only that which is freely given away. So the energy of being mad is truly nothing …for take a look at where the original thought of being mad came from…when you do, you will see that it came from nothing to then be made into something by the one who is looking to steal your peace…reclaim all the pieces of self and there are no more pieces to be stolen…for then you will see… peace is there and was never taken away.

Angels can be very funny as when individuals stress on anything in their life the Angels come along to show us the humorous side of this physical life in which we live. They will always be there for all you need to do is ask. Just as we have asked to have those with and around us in this lifetime who I call …our physical Angels… all those lovely Earth Angels who we have asked to surround ourselves with, that always have a smile ready to give and always look at the brighter side of life. When we bring love into our lives, truly bring it from our heart to others, we then are an Earth Angel.

Earth Angels are all around us as we live our lives, it is for you the individual to choose to surround yourself with loving Earth Angels. This is done in so many ways, as we accept love into our lives, we accept and choose to be in the positive in everything we do. We ask the Angels to send Earth Angels to be with us… in our friendships, in our work, in our homes and family lives, etc…. Think of all the new friends that you start to meet as you connect up with the Angels, think of all your friends right now that have chosen to be in your life or how you are in their life. What parts of your life do they or have they played to bring that extra love and smiles your way? Who are the Earth Angels in your life, how have they brought love into your life and more importantly how have you brought love into their life?
The Angels are always asking for us to be an Angel in all we do, to love one another, bring no harm to another and just be love. How easy is that? When we ask we will always receive, it is up to the individual to let go of that which is holding them back to be able to smile and say I AM an Earth Angel!
Let’s try to reach out and be an Earth Angel to those around us. Let’s place our hands together and love those around us with no agenda when we do this. Just have the intention of Love and watch as the Angels shall send the Earth Angels your way. Allow yourself to be on the wings of the Angels as they move you along this energy highway of love and you shall shine so bright that nothing will matter but love to you. Your life will be abundant in all things, you will see everything with new eyes and then you will be in Heaven here on Earth.

Call your Angels today and give yourself to their loving guidance as you dance the Angel dance of beauty, peace, understanding, freedom, acceptance, energy, a freshness in all things and un-conditional love! Ask your Angels to show you they way to all things that are great and good, ask your Angels to watch over you, to be with you and to sing with you.

May you feel the Angels as they surround you, may you find your heart open to an abundance of love and may you be at peace with yourself in all that is LOVE.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®