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Angelic Rules for the Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele

Angelic Rules of Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele


  • Doors open at 6:45pm. Please do not wait prior to 6:45 pm. in the landing at Adele’s door.
  • Doors shall close at 7:00 pm prompt and no one shall be admitted once doors lock.
  • Please come with an open mind and a loving heart to enjoy the experience and open your self to receive messages from your spirit guides, Angels and loved ones in spirit as well as share what you receive..
  • Everyone is a participant who sits in our Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele
  • Make sure to utilize bathroom privileges before the Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele begins.
  • All cell phones, audio and mechanical devices shall be turned off, no exceptions.
  • Once circle begins, no one is allowed to leave their seat as this disrupts the energies.
  • We always start with a prayer of light
  • By participating in the Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele you are giving permission to have a message delivered to you.
  • When receiving a message please be open to what is being given, a closed energy will stop the flow of messages to you. If you receive a message and would like to validate the message to the medium, please do so without giving a long story of explanation. This then can cancel out anything else the medium would like to delver to you. A more detailed explanation can be given once the circle is closed at the end.
  • A Medium is to give you evidential evidence of the continuity of life from those in spirit.
  • Please understand if you do not receive a message from your loved one with whom you are wishing to hear from that this is outside the control of any Medium with whom is delivering messages.
  • When receiving a message from Adele, please understand that the message you are receiving is what you need to know and not always what you want to know. By trying to push Adele or any Medium to give something that is not there blocks the messages that are waiting for you.
  • Remember all Messages that are delivered during the Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele are Confidential and not to be shared outside of the circle event.
  • Once again, during our time together, please remember these are messages given as they are received and not full private readings as not everyone is guaranteed to receive a message from spirit. If you would like to receive a Full Private Reading, please inquire with Adele about scheduling a session.

Must be 16 years of age to attend. All minors must be accompanied by adult/guardian and said such adult /guardian acknowledges as all content is kept in the purest of avenues, however some messages may contain a level of language that may not be appropriate for minors to hear.

Our mission is to bring you quality spiritual venue and events that keep you moving and growing in these times of astonishing current spiritual happenings worldwide. Smoke Billet Message Circle with Adele are not be used to replace any medical advice and as always if you are in need of medical advice, assistance and supervision, please visit your health care provider.

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