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Angelic Wise Ones July 2018 Newsletter

Hi Angels,AWO LOGO

Welcome to all of our Newest Angels here at Angelic Wise Ones® where you will find the latest on the energies that play all around us as we bring you Angelic Updates, Classes, Workshops, Specials, Events and more Events. Private Readings, Angel Messages, crystals, Spirit Art, Videos, old school versus new school, laughter, compassion, authority, books, meditations.. Actually just about everything you could need in that which you are seeking, as you search for all things Spirit Along your journey. Don’t forget to check out our Community News as you never know who you will meet there.

As we head into the journey of everyone coming together with all of this cool energy. Right now, as you know and have been experiencing electrical waves of energies doing what they are created to do all around you.  Can you feel it? We have Mars and Mercury in Retrograde. What does that mean for you? Well let’s look at it shall we?……..

Mars in Retrograde is all about taking a step back and looking at what is in front of you. As each time you step forward you can feel as if you are being pulled back three steps. But do not fear, as this allows you to really see where you are coming from and where you are going. What you need to take a step back away from before you decide to just jump right in. How awesome is that? Many times, individuals do not take the necessary time to step back, take a breath, and re-look at what is going on around them. They are easily ready to just jump feet first with their emotions. Which then leads to chaos or hurt feelings or feeling as if you are stuck. A cycle of seemingly repeating over an over again. Get that crazy glue of Mars off your butt and get going now that you know what it is all about.

Now when you add Mercury in Retrograde, it’s a time to take care of things you have been pushing to the side. We all do it, it is so hard not to let things slide, but we all know how that works for us. I personally love Mercury Retrograde as it is a time when I take the time all to myself to finish up all the work in front of me that I have put off while I work with my clients and students. Actually that is my Mondays, a day set aside to catch up, but never seems to happen…lol… So yes, especially during Mercury Retrograde I make it happen as I know Mercury will support me in getting to the finish line much easier and quicker. Go ahead and take the time to catch up with old friends, get those library books back to the library and while you are at it check out those classes and workshops that you have been putting off joining! It’s the perfect time to do so. Just as with my clients, I love clients who make their appointments for Private Readings with me during Mercury retrograde. They are always the happiest individuals and the day goes by in a wonderful rich energy of love.

Keep your eyes out for gifts along the way during Mercury Retrograde as everyone as I said, are taking care of things they have been pushing to the side and your gift may just be in their pile!

Now, full steam ahead with taking care of business that remind you… you have been working on but pushed it to the side for some reason or another and Mercury will assist us in all ways possible.

So now we have both of these Retrogrades going on and then we have others like Jupiter and then do not forget that Venus will retrograde starting in October. Huge mistake to redo yourself or re-style your personal looks when Venus turns around. When Venus is in Retrograde, I like to say it is when she, the Goddess of Love, puts away her mirror and knows she is in command and Loves everything about herself… Walks with style and grace and authority…You need to think and follow in Venus’s mindset during that Retrograde and know you are a Goddess….Strong and Beautiful and own who you are like a Rockstar. BOOM!

Now on to adventures in our Spiritual world in which we live….

Angelic News & Updates…..

Keep your eyes and ears open as we shall be sharing all the excitement with you as Spirit Talk Time launches and gest ready to go Live…. opening the doors to your Spiritual journey. Ready to Talk Spirit?

Spirit Speaks Gallery time is upon us and we shall be looking forward to seeing everyone and delivering messages from Spirit. It’s been some fun times as we allow

We have New classes, workshops, private and group readings available with some incredible Metaphysical Teachers as your summer fun time is still going strong, please make sure you check them out after you finish reading this Newsletter.

New Development Classes and Workshops… If you have been dying (pun intended ) and I know you have been by the number of emails I receive to sit in a Development class that I offer, then look no further… We have new classes starting real soon that should make everyone happy…

I also have a new Spirit Gallery with my Students coming your way, so keep an eye out for that announcement too.

We have been traveling this past year and it has been amazing the lovely souls we have been meeting everywhere we go. More on that later. But make sure if you know I am going to be in your area to give me a shout out and let’s talk Spirit!.. I will also be delivering Messages form Spirit along the way. So check me out on Instagram of “Angelic Adele Visionary Medium” and my Facebook page Angelic Wise Ones. I know the buttons are below here somewhere. Well Spirit will guide you to them and find out what the talk is all about!.

And finally as you keep checking out this Newsletter, I want to share with you that if you have anyone that you know that would like to Talk Spirit with Me, that is a newbie, intermediate or working with Mediumship, a Psychic Medium, Healer, they have a cool shop to check out or there is a really amazing farm to table place you like to hang out at, or just eat, send me their info, tell them to connect with me. Get my attention and we will stop by and hang out to Talk Spirit!


Have a Beautiful August, I know it can be hot, humid, wet or wild right now with these energies but as always it is a perfect time in life to be YOU!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie


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