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Angelic Wise Ones® July Newsletter 2016

Spirit has a Message for youA solitude 5


Hello and Welcome Angels to July and Good-Bye June … Wow what a crazy couple of months that have gone by as we continue in the retrogrades of this year, thank you as Mars goes direct.

Retrogrades are about allowing you to slow down and take a look at life. When the planets are too far out of alignment, retrogrades allow them to refocus and bring things back to perspective. So everyone was feeling it and everyone will feel the lifting of Mars as it does go direct. But let me ask you…these past few months with what have you slowed down to then be able to sample in life?

With all of the planets having fun aligning themselves in and out of their retrograde cycles with one another, then so too should you look at aligning your own self. We still have Saturn which goes direct August 13, 2016, the next few weeks you should really be working on the productive part of your life once this goes direct, no time to waste blaming everything on retrogrades when retrogrades can actually work with you. I love looking at the most positive sides of the retrogrades as they are clues in what is going on, what we need to take inventory of, where we need to balance ourselves. slow down, speed up, laugh, take lightly what we believe is serious within our minds, open our eyes to, let go of, create, balance and so much more. 

I know you hear me say a lot about taking a moment of time…take a moment of time to check in with yourself, take a moment of your time looking at things, take a moment of time to be you, take a moment of time… What is so wrong about that? Oh I know… life…

I hear it all the time and yes, I am listening to what you say. “I don’t have time, I have a life” ( uhhh…okay) well what is more important in life, your life that you cannot take a moment of time to be with yourself, to listen to you, to listen to your body, to listen to spirit…to listen with all of your heart, mind and body to everything around you, to you?

With Pluto still in the game if you have felt you have been going within to seek the solace and peace, then know you are right on target. Neptune keeps us dreamy as we allow ourselves to look to the here and now, our future and more importantly within the confines of our own minds right now. And to round all of it out is Uranus…New ideas and thought patterns come to the forefront of your mind.

All of these planets are giving to us what we cannot see within our self. Now, I know most of you took quite a few hits with Mercury and then Mars in retrograde, but do not quit, today we say good-bye to that energy of senses and emotions as we thank Mars for reminding us to slow down and take inventory.

So if you have been like me and taking inventory, acknowledging your beauty and sense of worth, looking at your truth and integrity in everything you are doing, then you are going to love the energies at play for the rest of this Year of the Revelations.

Countless energies are coming to light that have been held back, numerous senses have been exposed and opened. A considerable amount of time has been wasted and then utilized to correct the energies at play and all of it has been on displayed as individuals feel they need to get it out of their systems. Does this sound like letting go to you? YOU know, getting it out of your system? Of course it does.

 We can attest to all of this as we watch social media play out thru every individual who has a right to show their pride for their presidential candidate, their favorite foods and songs. It is those whom will then argue or delete, or block friends for having their own minds on what they feel that is kinda crazy, don’t you agree? This is not standing at the ice cream counter and ordering a cone of strawberry and your friends laughing as who eats strawberry? (just to be clear, this writer likes strawberry and all flavors) as everyone else orders chocolate. So are we all to be lined up with the same taste bud of flavor in our mouths?

As you can see with the planets having a field day during this Year of Revelations, we find the exposures of our fears and anxieties coming to the forefront of life…life… Revealing our life to our self is a revelation in itself!


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright ©2016 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®