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Angelic Wise Ones Teachers

Lets meet Christopher & Shelowann : As Adele travels Christopher & Shelowann have been teaching her classes and doing a phenomenal work with the students. They are both Apprentice’s with Adele for over 10 years.

Christopher 2017Christopher has been in tune with Spirit since he was 6 years old and it was not until he was in his early 20’s that he began to consistently work with Spirit. As a Clairvoyant Medium, Chris works with his Spirit Guides and the Dragon Realms of Light. Working with his Guides thru signs, symbols, pictures and sounds Chris deliver the messages you need to hear at the moment in time when you need to hear them. As a Master Healer Christopher brings in the Dragon energies to give you the best possible healing that benefits you the most. Thru numerous lifetimes his Dragon Guardian has been walking with him. Even more so, in this incarnation as a small child developing his connection with the Dragon Realms has given Chris a stronger appreciation with Spirit as he shares all of his experiences and development with you.

ShelowannShelowann Dawson is a Medical Herbalist Medium, a living and raw foods and detoxification expert, a teacher and a writer.  She is the creator and founder of Spiritual Chi Wellness, a holistic wellness business located in Baltimore, Maryland.  Shelowann holds a Master of Herbal Medicine and has over 13 years of service in the traditional holistic field.  She offers an abundance of knowledge and wisdom as she continues her lifelong commitment to be of service to others in need.  Shelowann is a ray of sunshine as her down to earth personality warms and brightens the room and hearts of others.  Shelowann’s clairvoyance as a Medical Herbalist Medium offers clients an enchanting and life changing partnership in living optimally in body, mind and spirit with the support of herbal medicine.

Always honest, always clear, Shelowann is the one you need near!