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Automatic Writing Workshop

Automatic Writing

Transcribing what is on your mind


All the times as you sit down an write down what is on your mind, what you keep thinking about, seems like a message to me. Have you done this? Had a thought pop up in your mind and then jot it down on paper? When we write down our thoughts, when we journal our thoughts we are actually using an ability called automatic writing.





DescriptionHave you ever touched your pen to paper and written anything that comes to mind? Are most of your journal entries streams of consciousness? Welcome to Auto-Writing! This workshop is about learning to fine tune and flex a skill most of us already use. Auto-Writing can be a way to channel your guides and to commune with your higher being. After years of intuitive classes, research, HOURS of auto-writing and soul searching, Lauren has been guided to help others with this skill. Join her for some focused practice on opening up the channel to your higher self. Learn to read between the lines of your stream of consciousness with Auto-Writing